OHE October 27, 1999 (Kuliouou-Haihaione)

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 19:51:33 -1000
From: JFEL873@aol.com
Subject: Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Hike - SoleMates

Bill Gorst and I looking for a hike today settled on Kuliouou Ridge as a compromise to meet our hike needs and give any of the SoleMates who didn't make the Palikea hike with John Hall a decent alternative; recognizing, of course, that it would be a long reach to find a decent alternative to John. Nevertheless, Roger, David, and Pete gave their blessing on our choice and advertised the hike. Though a number of interested people called, when we boiled it down there was only Bill and I, Bob Woods, and a new hiker to the group and the island, Jennifer Rodrigues (pronounced Rod - Reeg) who rendezvoused at 9:30 at the end of Kalaau Place.

Starting out at a good clip we quickly bypassed the state trail and headed for the blood pumper ridge that quickly reminded us of whatever we had eaten for breakfast. Bob hadn't been hiking for a while and decided to take a rain check and follow along for a while rebuilding his legs. Jennifer, former body builder and still in good shape stayed the course and never complained once. She did seem to indicate that Bill and I seemed in better shape than we looked. I explained to her that held for 99% of the trail clearing crew, none of whom (ladies excluded), looked very good.

We hammered uphill until we hit the Ironwoods and then the trail pleasantly leveled. Soon we were headed downhill toward Kaalakei and Hahaione valleys east of Kuliouou. Contouring in and out the hike became a pleasant ramble until we met, and eventually conquered Hahaione Ridge, another lung cleanser. Reaching the summit trail we were greeted with the great views and odors of Waimanalo. Bio-Sys, the garbage recyclers have been closed for some time now, and so it was only earthy cow inhalant we had to deal with. The weather held for the 1/2 hour to reach Kuliouou trail and an early lunch in a protected spot. As we ate the clouds came in and we all reached for our wind breakers (Jennifer was caught off guard, but showed real class with no verbal exclamations as she shielded her eyes).

With visibility down to zip we decided for an early return via the state trail and began our descent, meeting four hikers and a dog on their way up (only the dog was smiling). With a brief respite at the picnic tables we quickly made our way through the switchbacks and onto the valley trail for an early departure. Excellent hike, even better company.

See yaz at the HTMC Hike Gear Swap Meet Saturday. Jay

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