OHE October 18, 1999 (Kamaohanui)

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 18:05:21 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Kamaohanui attempt

Nobody else wrote about this one, I am sure for a reason, but then I'll put the best legal spin on it.

On Sat. I and 3 unnamed individuals assembled at Thomson's Corner in Waialua, and walked in to admire a church in ruins, exercising our religious rights. Then we went on to pay respects to certain 100-year old graves, with Chinese writings on them, which I was able to discern.

Having satisfied our religious, cultural, and archeological sensibilities, we wandered into a meadow off the jeep road, then along a stream with very muddy water, crossed it, then crossed its tributary, and proceeded to wander up a hillside to the left of the gulch (the tributary). We crossed a jeep road and a ditch, also full of muddy water, and even gained the top of a ridge, which has a jeep road on it.

The hike was easy, but the jeep road was long. It is very similar to the Dupont-Kaala lower sections, since, after all, they are very close to each other.

In 2-3 hours, depending on speed, we reached intersection with another prominent jeep road, which is on the topo maps as meandering from near Waialua High School all the way to Schofield. There is a man-made cliff on the roadway cut, which we managed to negotiate. I cut nice steps on it, and so now anyone can do it.

Then the ridge becomes quite overgrown. I exercised my trail-clearing skills, which I have not had occasion to exercise since 8-20, and the overgrowth is no more. The trail remains wide, gentle, easy and safe. However, physically the ridge is very long, as long as Dupont itself. A little after 12 noon, I have hiked almost 5 hours, and I found a nice knob with 360 degrees view and stopped for lunch. I can see that the ridge drops slightly and then resumes ascending steeply. The 3 companions went way ahead of me, and could not hear my yells at that point. After lunch, I returned the same way, without incident.

Those 3 individuals, according to unconfirmed rumors, continued and reached a hair-raising dike. One of those 3 previously got there and cr*apped out. Indeed, the expression is most appropriate, as there is one place where even the mountain goats cr*apped out and refused to go forward, for beyond that point, there are no longer any goat droppings !!!!!

Two of the 3 managed to go beyond where the goats feared to tread. The 3rd, the one who cr*pped out before, managed to find a contour below and also got beyond the dike. Then there is an impossible pinnacle, which they also managed to bypass by contouring below on the right.

Then they reached the top of the Kamaohanui ridge, which we previously mis-nomenclatured as Pane ridge. The 3 made decent progress towards Kamaohanui itself, and claimed that it is probably do-able. Unconfirmed rumors say that Dick Davis and Dick Schmidt might have attempted or even reached the top of Kamaohanui. I surveyed the peak from the great height of Kaala itself on the Club hike two weeks ago, and found resemblance to Ohulehule. There are 3-4 ridges leading to the top, and they are all Ohulehule-like. Even going down from Kaala to Kamaohanui would seem to be very difficult, and so this would be a most worthy goal.

The 3 allegedly then turned back at 1 pm from the base of elusive Kamaohanui and descended the main ridge past the long ridge we ascended, and chose to descend yet another long ridge down to the stream and then come back out the same way.

I was out by 4:30, and I sat around and snacked until they came out about 5:30. Quite a long, fruitful day of religious, cultural, and archeological activities !!


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