OHE October 14, 1999 (Hoomaluhia)

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 08:23:31 -1000
From: JFEL873@aol.com (Jay Feldman)
Subject: Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens Report

I attended the introductory docent class (first of seven) with seven other people, including Rich Jacobson. John Hall said he would begin the series next Saturday. Someone must have twisted his arm.

Ho'omaluhia is the largest (400 acres including a 32-acre flood control lake) of five botanical gardens run by the city (Foster, Lili'uokalani, Wahi'awa, and Koko Crater are the others). Guided tours of six different gardens within Ho'omaluhia are conducted for groups of up to 60 people and can be scheduled any weekday. Regular tours are held every weekend and open to the public. Camp grounds are available (sites for up to 300 people) along with a "catch and release" fishing activity. They have great facilities including a small art and visitor center and are open year round 9am - 4pm.

Plants are from all over the world, however, only one of the garden tours is dedicated to native Hawaiian plants (session 4 of the training; session 5 is on Polynesian plants). In other words, much more effort is required for learning about plants of tropical America, India/Sri Lanka, African, and other tropical botany. Also, expected of graduates is a commitment for leading tours through the gardens on a fairly regular basis.

Their volunteer efforts are well organized and the instructor Olive (233-7323) is very personable and knows her stuff! Ho'omaluhia is much larger than I thought and very well maintained. Probably a great place to volunteer your extra free time, but, not for me.


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