OHE October 5, 1998

Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 10:35:30 -1000
From: Jarrod Kinoshita (jarrodk@gte.net>
Subject: Olomana

My bunch of my friends and I went back to Olomana this past saturday. It was a trail I wanted to finish before I leave. My goal was the 2nd peak and maybe the 3rd, depending on time and energy. A few of us had attempted the trail before and turned around (when I wasn't feeling well) and the rest were first timers.

The hike starts with a long road walk (almost a mile) to a big sign "No hikers beyond this point. Olomana Trail". If you got a big group, you can always drive in, drop off people/packs, but you must drive out and walk back in. Just an option.

The trail begins with a gradual climb up the mountain leading toward the ridge. It takes about 20 min. to gain the ridge where cool trades are there to greet you. (hopefully they're blowing that day) Turn right and head straight for the summit, uphill all the way.

After climbing for an hour or so, the trail gets steeper with large rock faces to negotiate. There are lots of handholds and a short cable for assistance. After the large rock face, the trail continues climbing them levels off briefly. Finally, we came upon a near vertical rock face. It was kinda hairy climbing it. There is one cable that is required for the 15-20 ft. climb. There is a near vertical drop on one side that you can see while climbing that makes it kinda scary.

Once again the trail levels off briefly until the last rock face. This time it's not too bad, still near vertical, but easy enough to climb without cables to the summit.

The views at the summit are amazing. A 360 degree view of Waimanalo, Koolau summit, Kaneohe, Ohulehule in the distance and Kailua. The summit is very rocky and narrow. We had six people in our group and took up most of the space. After lunch, 3 of us decided to go to the 2nd peak while the other 3 waited at the first summit.

The climb down the first peak is fairly steep and a little hairy because of the loose dirt. It isn't that bad though. There is a cable leading to the 2nd peak, but I didn't use it, lots of handholds. In 20 min, we made it the second summit. I was mainly there to check out the route to the 3rd peak. I would've pushed on to the 3rd peak, but it looked like at least an hour to get there and back. I didn't want those waiting a the 1st peak to wait that long, so I decided against it and went back.

The climb down the 2nd peak is near vertical with lots of loose dirt. There is a very long cable there, but it's still scary. The ridge on the 3rd peak is very narrow and looks almost impossbile from the 2nd peak. Well, perhaps one day, I will return to climb it.

The climb down the ridge was uneventful, but much faster.

Once again we were kind of fortunate that the weather was cool with good cloud cover. Since it was raining the night before and the morning of the hike, I feared the worst. Amazingly the weather cleared up and gave us a wonderful day to climb Olomana's summits.


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