OHE Octomber 30, 1998 (b)

Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 21:25:41 -1000
From: ATCnavy@aol.com
Subject: Maunawili Falls and Demonstration Trail

Today I wasn't sure what to do, so I hiked Maunawili Falls with my girlfriend and her sister. Heading the way you would go to reach Olomana, we continued staright down the road untill we ended up at the start of the trail in a rich looking neighborhood. We set out and hiked the Falls trail first. This did not take long at all and the falls looked pretty good. We then turned around and headed back and soon hit the split point for the Demo and Falls Trail.

Seeing as it was still early we headed left and gained the demo Trail. I have never done this trail before....so when we hit the next junction (left for Waimanalo..right for Pali Highway) I thought the trail just looped around in a circle because of the arrows on the sign. Ahhh....how wrong i was. It became apparent that it was not a loop after we headed right and towards the pali highway when I noticed our relation to the mountains and the ocean and how we seemed to be heading closer to Kaneohe instead of away from it. It then became further apparent when we ran into another hiker heading the opposite direction who I asked and he informed me that we were headed towards the freeway. He further explained that to continue the opposite way at the junction would lead us to Waimanalo. Anyways, we continued to the freeway, then turned around and headed back. At the junction we met the guy again. he was resting and we talked to him for a bit then we headed back down from where we had come. I will return some other day and do the portion to Waimanalo.

On the way down the trail, who did I run into? The one and only Paka-lolo. He said he was heading towards Piliwali ridge area to check out another ridge that might be "do-able". Good luck to you Pat. Do tell how that went. Well, over all the trail we took was 4 hours rountrip, we didn't get rained on once at all, and the cloud cover was enough to keep us nice and cool. This was fortunate because we didn't bring very much water because we didn't anticipate doing such a long hike. Safe hiking to all.

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