OHE October 25, 1998

From:	Duane Tom (grimlock@HAWAII.RR.com>
Subject: pu'u kalena
Date:	Sat, 24 Oct 1998 20:39:08 -1000

Took a trip up to Pu'u Kalena today. And like Patrick said...it's definately "one of the finest hikes on the island". Thanks Patrick! I think I saw that there's a planned HTMC hike up there. Couple things I noticed was that some sections are really eroded and there's also tons of those blackberries(?) I was pulling a lot out but eventually gave up when it was getting late and my back was getting sore so I just charged on through, accepting the scratches as paying my dues. In Stuart Ball's book it also says there are "cables to assist" along the way, but we came across no such things.

This was the most tiring hike I've done so far! There are so many ups and downs. And coming back they just kill you! From the time I started coming down off the top, all I could think of was getting to McD's for a super-sized Rootbeer!

Out of curiosity...what is the proper route to obtain the ridge? Heading up from Schofield, we parked at that large grassy spot directly across from the first entrance to the quary. Then we headed back down Kolekole but it looked blocked by barbed wire all along the inside of the road. So we went down a bit further and ended up spending the first half hour wandering around the strawberry guavas and christmas berries. Finally tried near the quary entrance again and found a route that actually intersected the quary road, there were so many side trails but we just aimed for what we thought was the ridge and finally got there. On the way down we took a different route that took us actually through the quary, sliding down all the rocks as we went. Which is correct?

Give me a few days and I'll post the pics!



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