OHE October 1, 1998 (b)

Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 23:10:53 -1000
From: Angel8735@aol.com
Subject: hiking on Maui

In the early part of September, I along with 8 other people (5 who was my coworker) took a mini-vacation to Maui to do some hiking there. On Friday, 9/4 we hiked a few trails up at the Polipoli State Park. It was a very intereting hike. The whole 2 hours spent up there we were in the clouds. It was very different to the trails that we've hiked here on Oahu.

On Saturday, 9/5, we hiked the Waihee Valley trail. We met an elderly man that lives in the area, Mr. Santos, and he was a very big help to us. He told us about the Portuguese bread oven that's off onto the right at the beginning of the trail. He said that he used to make crackers instead of bread, he he he. This trail was very fun and interesting due to the swinging cable bridges. At the end of the trail there's a dam where a few of us took advantage a plunged into the icy cold water. It surely was refreshing.

On Sunday, 9/6, we hiked the Lahaina-Pali trail. This is one trail that I recommend doing, but first you need to pick up a historic book at the little store in Maealea. This trail is a very historic trail. We took our time hiking this trail and kind of put ourselves in the past and tried to imagine what it was like then. It was a very sunny day, but the breeze made it very bareable. I would like to warn everyone who decides to do this trail, DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR. Our rental van got broken into and all they got away with was a small cooler w/sodas.

Well I could go on (we stayed in Maui til 9/9) but I might bore you all. I just wanted to share my experience with those who enjoy hiking. My little hiking group hikes every Sundays, so if anyone knows a good trail that we can do or if you want to join us, please let me know. We will be hiking the Aiea Ridge Trail this Sunday.

:) Sue

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