OHE October 14, 1998

From:	"grimlock" (grimlock@hawaii.rr.com>
Subject: Ridge at Kahaluu
Date:	Tue, 13 Oct 1998 21:21:28 -1000

Does anyone know the name of the ridge that heads up to the Koolau's from Kahaluu? It's the one that you can see as you leave Kaneohe and head towards Kahana Bay. It snakes rather steeply up to the summit, but looks somewhat 'doable'.

just wondering....


Reply From: Gene Robinson (gene@lava.net>

Hi Duane,

There are two ridges that lead up to the Ko'olau summit from Kahaluu. As you drive towards Ohulehule from Kaneohe, the first is the ridge going up to Kalahaku and then up to "Waimalu Middle Ridge." Dayle and I attempted this in February, and found that trail access is a problem (trespassing), and The Dragon's Teeth are very intimidating. The Teeth are the rocky outcroppings at about 1000' elevation.

Hey Dayle- how does that section compare with Kanehoalani or Ohulehule SE ridge? Should we ask Charlotte to check it out? I'm still somewhat obsessed with linking Waimalu and Kahaluu via the Middle Ridge. What a great trans-Ko'olau super-hike that would be!

The other ridge, down the road, could be called Nanaikaalea or Ulimakoli, from the names on the topo map. This leads up to Eleao on the Ko'olau summit. It looks worse than Kalahaku; anybody know if it's been done?

Reply From: Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us>

Mountaineer and hiking legend Al Miller has attempted just about all of the windward ridges leading up to the Ko'olau crest. He even took the time recently to write down some of his experiences in a notebook complete with topo maps. It was at the clubhouse but an HTM board member confiscated it supposedly to make a copy. Fortunately, I got my hands on it before the other board member and made copies for Dayle and I. On the topo of the region Al wrote the word "NO" on the Kalahaku ridge leading up to the Waimalu Middle Ridge summit. If Al wrote "NO" then it can't be done.

I believe someone told me that Dick Davis once did Nanaikaalea/Ulimakoli. I'd have to check Al's topo of the region to be absolutely sure.

Another ridge is the one that separates Haiku Plantation from Valley of the Temples Memorial Park. The Ulupaina loop trail uses the lower section of this ridge. Diggy has spocked out the ridge since its so close to where he used to live but he has never attempted it to my knowledge. I went up beyond Ulupaina once but Ohulehule called and I broke off the effort.

Even if it were doable be prepared to blaze a new trail through thick mostly native vegetation. The ram-rod position is no fun. Believe me. Dayle and I agree that most of the time its not a good idea to create a new trail up one of these pristine ridges because the natives get trashed eventually replaced by non-natives especially clidemia hirta.

== Paka

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