OHE October 12, 1998 (b)

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:50:29 -1000
From: Diggy (diggy@hawaii.rr.com>
Subject: Manamana in reverse.

On Saturday October 10, I decided to try something different. Have you ever got wondered what it would be like to do a loop hike in the opposite direction? Well, that's what I decided to do on Manamana.

I got off to a late start, 12:00 p.m. I parked my brand new SS Camaro near the bridge hoping no one would mess with it and headed up the road to the abandoned chapel. There were a ton of mosquitos in the cemetery and they were attacking me like crazy! I headed up the trail as fast as I could to get away from these darn things. The trail is very steep and my heart began to pound very quickly as I made my ascent up the narrow ridge. I encountered a few muddy sections and finally reached the junction before the summit 1.5 hours after I started. I took a brief rest and enjoyed the views of Kahana valley for about five minutes until the clouds came in. Damn! After a lunch and more water I headed down the trail hiking through a cloud of mist. I reached the first cable section, then the second, then the third. Boy this hike sure looks a lot different when you do it in reverse. The trickiest part came after the last cable section. I had to climb down that rock face section that faces Makua village on moist wet rocks. This was a bit hairy and is much easier to do if I was going in the right direction.

On my way back down I noticed some foot prints on the trail. Some looked like cleats. Pat Rorie perhaps? I took a short side trail to the Lion's Head and after another brief rest period, I headed down the trail and emerged by the Route 83 sign. I might ad that I tried to look for the heiau but couldn't find it. The sign was still there pointing to the west but no go...Oh well.

The total time for this hike was 4.5 hours including a rest break. I still think that the normal route is the way to go. Doing it the way I just explained REALLY gets your heart going. The ascent is very steep! Manamana is one my favorite hikes. It offers a little of everything. Too bad there were clouds at the top. Oh well, another excuse for me to venture up there again.


Reply From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>

Hey, I did Manamana that day. I started at 10 and finished at 2. I did the traditional loop route--up the Crouching Lion side and down the ridge to Trout Farm Road. I did some spot clearing and put up some ribbons since the club was to hike Manamana the next day (yesterday, 10-11).

I saw your car there when I finished the hike. Nice vehicle, Kurt!! Later, when I saw Pat Rorie, I mentioned that I had seen the car and wondered if it was yours. I was correct! Did you notice my blue Jeep Cherokee parked nearby?

I'm surprised I didn't run into you. If you left your vehicle at noon and arrived at the main ridgeline by Turnover at 1:30, we certainly would have met up on the ridge from Trout Farm Road. After lunch, I left Turnover at 12:30, reaching Trout Farm Road just before 2.

The cleat prints you spotted were mine. I was christening a new pair of Nike Shark cleated high tops. Great traction and nice ankle support.

Glad to hear all went well on the hike, Kurt.


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