OHE October 10, 1998

Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:52:32 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Lower Waahila

Many years ago, I followed a wide trail down from Waahila Park partways, and assumed it goes all the way down. Then in '93 I went to E.W. Center and found a trailhead on Dole St. and went up partways. I've wanted to connect the dots but problem is, there is never any parking on Dole St.

Today I went to U.H. on business and parked, and then decided to check this out. Trail was wide open today. In '93 it was quite overgrown. Also there are many ribbons around. Some say something like "beginning of plot 1". I hope they are not building houses there.

It was hot and dry. Then trail took a right turn and stayed level for a while, and it is here that the climate abruptly changes. Vegetation changes from haole koa to guava, and the ground changes from lava rock and loose dirt to good old mud! At the end of the level stretch, a big trail comes in from the right. When coming back, it would be easy to continue down on this big trail. I looked from H-1, and it seems that it goes down to this maze of watertanks and whatnots.

My conjecture was right. I did enter Waahila Park after 1 hour. Coming back took 50 minutes. So one can take the trail up to Olympus all the way from Dole St.

On the bridge over Manoa Stream on Dole St., there are several plum trees (don't know the correct name) with many ripe plums. I ate about 20. Amazing that no one eats it, they probably think it's poisonous, the thousands of students who pass by daily.


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