OHE October 7, 1997 (b)

From: CWitzke1@aol.com

Tuesday October 7th, 1997.

Weather: Light North-easterly winds, Hot, partly cloudy skies.

Wkaing early today on my day off, I got that itch. Yes! Time to go hiking! I hopped into my '88 Ford Escort GT and drove up Komo'mai drive to the top of the Pacific Palisades. This would be my third time up Manana, and I was hoping for the summit today. I hit the trail at 10:30am, keeping up a good pace. before long I reached the helopad. This was the farthest i had gone on this ridge in the past. there were commanding views of the Waianaie range, and Waimano ridge to the right. After a short break, I departed mauka for the summit. A short way past the helopad, it looks like someone constructed a shelter. (hunters?) It was a roof on 4 wooden supports, all painted green. I made a mental note of it. Great shelter in case of a downpoor! :)

The rest of the ridge was uneventful, untill I reached this steep muddy hill. With hardly no roots, the climb was a challenge....but I made it. I continued on a little farther untill meeting up with 2 guys and 2 girls. They were headed back down. The one guy asked me if I was going to the summit. I said yes and with a friendly nod and wave, contiuned on. They said they hadn't made it there. This is important, because again, I was solo. :( I got to the part where the trail turns into a big time roller coaster. Up and down. At this point, I decided to turn around. Damnit! I hate hiking solo because I just won't tackle the hard challenging spots by myself. It was still a nice hike though. 2 hours and 22 minutes roundtrip total for me. Maybe if I can find some other people who want to go for the summit, then I'll be able to do it.Manana saturdya anyone????


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