OHE October 6, 1997

From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net)

Sat. night talked to Patrick Rorie. He wanted to do Ohulehule N.W. ridge and then down S.W. ridge, and I wanted to do Waimalu Ridge (NOT Middle Ridge, the one behind the gated community). No common ground was reached.

So I went to the HTMC hike Koloa Gulch instead. I reached the trailhead 9 a.m. and waited and waited. It was raining from Likelike to Kahana Valley, but clear after Hauula. Turned out that they all parked at a beach park and walked over to the trailhead. So I hurriedly got ready and joined them.

About 10 minutes into the hike, it started raining, _hard_. We just passed this memorial to this Jonathan Taylor kid who drowned in a flash-flood on 2-11-94. I started worrying that we won't be able to finish this hike. Every year after 1993, I could not finish this hike because of high water level ...

The rain soon fizzled out, and the water level in the stream was normal. The early rain brought cool weather and nice breeze, and I made good time in the slippery mud ....

Until 11:10 or so: it was OK just a minute ago crossing the stream, and suddenly the next crossing looks ominous, with angry, brown, whitewater. People hesitated, and then some hikers started turning back. Then some hikers spread the official word to turn around: flash-flood danger.

I didn't think water was that high, and it was not raining where we were at. But reluctantly I turned around, and then I heard the characterisitic laugh, and it was Patrick walking in with a big grin. He slyly said he was going to check it out, and I understood that he wanted to press on. Well, not me.

Return was slightly exciting but uneventful. Three young girls had to be helped across with a rope, for each of the 20 plus crossings. I got back to the ridge top and it was only 12:30 and I sat down to have lunch. Afterwards I checked out the small peak on the makai side of the ridge with a sheer dropoff, which, I determine, is amply do-able.

Eventually I got the car and crawled in to have a nap. In a little while Patrick showed up, said that he went to the end, as I suspected he would. I joked about returning to Waimalu for Act II. Pat said Puu Piei, and that's quite do-able before dark, since it was only 3 pm, and so I happily agreed.

I did Piei in 1983,84,85 but never since then. In 85 the Club did the hike, and a bunch of them followed legendary Ski-pole ddown the ridge to Kila and one guy broke his hands and necessitated a chopper rescue. Club never did it again.

It is an easy but exciting work-out. I don't think I had a horrible look of exhaustion on my face at the top. I suggested to Pat to go to the real Piei, or come down Punaluu side, but he declined. So after admiring the scenery, and speculating about some human voices nearby, we descended 5:15.

On the way down I saw a kid pig on the trail, and then the whole pig family just off the trail. Patrick was 20 feet behind, and never saw it. So he decided to take the lead instead. At the bottom we met two young guys who said that they went up the next ridge to Kila and climbedd the pyramid. That was the pyramid that stopped Patrick one time before, and so we just _have_ to do Kila some time, with ropes perhaps.

Came out about 6:30 to the highway, and it was not quite dark yet, a first with hikes with Patrick!

Turned out to be a rewarding double-header after all.


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