OHE October 3, 1997

From: Kukailucy@aol.com

Wing and Gene,

wow, I'm trying to think really hard. My dad must've known of some trail, because I distinctly remember that it, along with the shack, was on the left. I don't remember any trailhead, we just went steeply down the hill at some point. I think we hit a trail eventually (and remember "eventually" to a kid is probably two seconds, for you guys). Memories get vague after that, was there some big black hole/tunnel in the hill/concrete stuff on the right as you continue on the trail? Sorry, don't remember much else! I remember thinking the whole area was scary, and that was about it. We weren't a family of hikers, we just messed around up there once in a while. Gene emailed me with just about the same info you gave me, Wing. He also said there used to be a macadamia nut farm, and then I remembered, mom also used to send us in to get tons of macadamia nuts. There was a really huge tree we favored on the right. No farm, though, just mac trees in amongst all the brush and weeds. Must've been there long before we arrived as well. I remember a water tank, too, on the right?, way in the "boonies". I also remember our address because of the sing-song way we repeated it: "nine eight eleven eighty six", home on the corner of Kaonohi and I think, Kaonohi Place?on the corner on the left. My bedroom window was the second on the right! Anyway, us kids hated that place with a passion, lots of not-so-good memories there, so I don't exactly get the warm-fuzzies recalling it! An exciting highlight was setting the neighbor's (across the street) cedar roof on fire one new year's eve!! >:-)

Gene, I don't know how far the asphalt road went (seems like Wing does!) But to us, Kaonohi Street ended at that Oniki--- something or other street you mentioned, right there. I think only one house on each end of oni--whatever made up that street (a girl we carpooled to school with lived there), because the gate was right after that, then Kaonohi, or whatever it's called after that, loops back and goes back down the hill. Sorry, I'd have to go back there to jog the memories, and since I left I have never returned....! Plus, I lived there for only about five years before taking off. On my next visit home (mom is in Waikiki now), I'll look at old family albums for photos of the area, because we had our house built on an empty lot, and my dad took a lot of photos of the progress, so there should be scenes of the surrounding area..

Fun coincidence, though! I had no idea Wing's beloved trail started where I picked guava as a kid!! Or that Gene lives there now! Small world, no? :-) Thanks for sharing that with me,


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