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From: Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com)

has anyone ever hiked the distance from Pauoa Flats to St Louis Heights across the ridge? Is it marked, open, overgrown, rugged, easy, not even makeable, wide open, what. I cant find any write ups on it. Was thinging about going up the switchbacks by the Falls, and coming down the other side back into Manoa. Anyone ever did this who can also tell me how long it would take? I was thinking about this Saturday if anyone else wants to go. If so you might have to reach me via digital pager as this computer is being moved. I'll try to check back again soon but I might move it tonight or tomorrow night.

Reply From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net)

Many people have done this, Konahuanui-Olympus traverse.

The traverse itself is said to be 3-4 hours. You must have done both Konahuanui and Olympus peaks; so just add them up. I would say average is 12 hours for the whole thing.

There is one place in the middle that is narrow and steep, but quite manageable, I've heard.

Patrick and Gene can probably do the whole thing in 6.

BTW, I personally have not done this; this is "hearsay", but quite reliable.


Reply From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)

The school of thought I've heard about this traverse is it's better to go up Olympus, cross the crest, then go down Konahuanui. That famous wahine hiker, who wishes to remain anonymous (and is my idol), told me this. Jason Sunada just did it this way on the same day that HTMC did the Konahuanui hike a month or so ago. He's fast, in the same category as Pat Rorie.

Whatever way you do it, Mike, I'd start early. I've never done it but you can count on taking just about all the daylight there is, especially at this time of year. Bring a flashlight and carry a space blanket for potential bivouac (you never know).

And I'd recommend against doing it solo.

A group of us are planning to hike this route at some point. Maybe you can wait and come along with us.

If you want to try some summit hiking, go do Mariner's Ridge and come down Kuliouou. Or go do Kuliouou and go to Pu'u o Kona. Or Kulepeamoa and come down Hawaii Loa.


Response From: Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com)

OK reading your Olympus and Konahuanui reports it seems the hike up to Konahuanui is definately harder. 2.5 hrs vs. 4 hours. The only reason I wanted to go the other way is I never used the trail from Pauoa Flats to Manoa before and i'll bet its more than tricky to find coming out the other way, especially if I'm pressed for time. Maybe i'll walk up there tomorrow afternoon and have a look see. I been up and down the other ridge before (but not to Olympus) and its so much more defined.

All those little valleys nestled in between Manoa and the summit up and away from hikers are beckoning me with every load of furniture and boxes I move. (I made 15 trips already). I want to walk along the spine and look down into them and see what else they have to say.

A planned bivouac might be a good idea. I bet not too many people slept up there. I'd like to sleep right in the middle of the two peaks. That would be quite a contrast, in the midst of the highest point in the Koolaus and with all of Honolulu as a view.

Lets see Pat and Gene could do this in six hours , Dayle and you did from Manoa to Konahuinui in 4. And Dayle did uphill to Olympus is 2.5. I trust you say the traverse is a 4 hour trek. Thats 10.5 hours. Enough Daylight to do it. How much shorter is it if I get a ride out from Tantalus?

Anybody else want to go?

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