OHE October 28, 1997 (b)

From: Dick Beaton (dbeaton@aloha.net)

First of all, congradulations to those mighty mountain men who attempted and those who completed the "Mother of all hikes". Hats off to all of you and mahalo for sharing the accounts of your adventure. By the way, what are you going to do for an encore? While you guys were beginning day 2 of your trek, I joined about a dozen other HTMC members for the Puu Manamana hike. The weather Sunday was ideal for doing this hike, no rain, high clouds, medium winds, and fairly good visibility. Anyone interested in a good write up and pictures of this hike, see Grant Tokumi's at


For those experienced hikers (I want to emphasize experienced) who haven't tried this one yet, give it a try. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. The trail is in really good condition, thanks once again to the HTMC trail maintenance gang who did a superb job in clearing the way. When we reached the lunch spot at the turnover marker, the question arose as to which Puu was actually Manamana. Ohulehule was quite obvious as you looked tword the Koolaus, but no one knew for sure which was Puu Manamana. Anybody know? We began the steep descent down the knive ridge at 12:30 and I made it back at my truck shortly after 2:00 PM (actually made it back to Aiea in time to see the final game of the World Series).

Happy trails to all!


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