OHE October 1, 1997

From: Kukailucy@aol.com

Hi everyone,

thanks once again, Mae and Wing, for answering some of my questions and adding some interesting factoids on this damned plant. Uluhe Fest?? You're just trying to drive me nuts, huh Dayle?

Your added comments on hiking etiquette and politics made for some really interesting reading,Mae, thanks for the input. I have to admit, I've never been so polite as to not want to pass slower hikers, just so they can feel good about themselves! You're too much...:-) I'd just recommend to go ahead and pass'em, but with some huge smile and friendly remark. And ouch! about the vandalism, I got slightly teary-eyed when I read that, it being your secret spot and all, really sad..

You mentioned a "Kenny", but I have no idea who he is...any more information on how I (or my brother) may be able to contact him?

And the mention of Pearlridge (Gene's place?) brought memories of the last place I lived in Hawaii before moving out, on Kaonohi st, way at the top. Just around the corner, the road turned back. As kids, mom would make us go past that gate to get guava. We seemed to have an endless supply of fresh guava juice. We'd bicycle along an asphalt road, for quite a ways, until it got spooky. I also remember hiking with dad, we would go past this "hippie shack", as he called it, because he found a small cache of drugs there once. I think there may have been a trail. What's back there now? Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? We're talking, about 15-20 years ago!! The very end of Pearlridge...surely there must be some hiking there.

ok, gotta go.

Take care, everyone, and have a great time at the slide show


p.s. wing: no, I wish San Jose were like San Francisco, they get those direct ocean breezes and it hardly ever gets really hot there. We're only about 40-50 miles away, but in the southern armpit of the bay between two small mountain ranges that trap in all the smog as well as the heat. Ugly brown stuff that just sits there wiping out the backdrops, so prevalent that on a breezy day when it's clear, the sight of the hills surprises me! It's getting chilly, though. The recent heat was just summer's dying convulsion that they call an "Indian Summer". Hate 'em. :-)

oh, one more question: How dangerous are these wild pigs? How many people actually get gored? I never knew they were something to be feared. (Enjoyed the Waikane write up, Patrick!)

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