OHE October 13, 1997 (d)

From: Neal Oribio

Joining me on a hike around Tantalus... on Saturday, October 11th were Dean Sakai, Marvin Nitta, David Holub, Sandra Murakane, Therelyn Agbayani, Richelle Magday... and my Internet Pal, Nathan Yuen.

A little before 11:00am... we arrived at the Hawaii Nature Center in Makiki. It had been raining constantly for much of the morning. Luckily, the rain stopped as we began our trek up Kanealole.

At the top of Kanealole, we headed in a Diamond Head direction on the Makiki Valley Trail... toward the three-way junction with Ualakaa and Maunalaha. We continued on the Makiki Valley Trail... and as we approached Moleka... low hanging clouds infiltrated the forest around us. Definitely cool!

The Moleka Trail had been freshly weedwhacked... clouds filled the valley to the left... and the rains started coming down. By the time we reached Round Top Drive... and the beginning of the Manoa Cliffs Trail... the rain stopped.

Thick clouds blanketed the back-end of Manoa Valley. When we reached the point in the Trail that overlooks Lyon Aboretum and Manoa Falls... all we could see was white clouds. We took a break... munched on some snacks... drank water... talked-story. Gradually, the clouds dissipated... and in a short while we were blessed with great views of three waterfalls!

Continuing on... the beginning of the Pauoa Flats Trail had also been freshly weedwhacked.

Does anybody know what the source of that buzzing sound is... on the Pauoa Flats Trail? Mosquitoes?

Anyway... we took another long break at the Nuuanu Reservior Overlook. Even saw some folks jumping off the tower... splashing into the reservior.

On the way back... we travelled along the Pauoa Flats Shortcut Trail, which was also freshly cleared... and hooked-up with the Manoa Cliffs Trail, heading makai. Eventually, we climbed down Nahuina... rejoined the Makiki Valley Trail... and cruised down Kanealole... back to our starting point at the Hawaii Nature Center.

Oh, yeh... forgot to mention... it was kinda muddy up there. The group I was hiking with, however... enjoyed themselves immensely (as did I)... and look forward to the next outing.

--> Neal (pueo@lava.net)

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