OHE October 13, 1997 (b)

From: Dave Webb

This Sat. Pat, Steve, and I climbed up the cliffs just to the right of the rock climbing wall past Camp Erdman. We started up the trail about 10:30 (it starts maybe 1/4 mile past YMCA Camp Erdman) and soon came to the base of the rock cliffs where all the climbers go on the weekends. We passed several climbers on the way, but nobody was actually on the wall when we got there. When we reached the wall, Steve said we should contour to the right because there was a gulley between the cliffs that was climbable all the way to the top. This gulley is easily visible from the road - just to the right of the climbing area.

There were several difficult spots while climbing the gulley, but there was enough vegetation to use as handholds so we made it OK. We reached the top about noon and then headed toward the Makua Valley overlook. We passed several hikers and some vehicles coming down the road, but that was about it. After stopping for a break, fog started coming in so we decided to abort the attempt for Makua and began to head down the next ridge toward Haleiwa. Pat said this lead towards the Lost Menehue Mines trail.

There are new pink ribbons most of the way down, and we made it Ok despite losing the trail several times. We saw several climbers on the rock wall during our descent and there is a nice viewpoint with views of Dillingham and the ocean toward Haleiwa. I guess we reached the Camp Erdman Cabins about 3:00. This was quite an adventure, and a good location to hike given the poor weather elsewhere on the island. Steve said that you could walk on the firebreak road to connect our hike with the Kealia trail if you wanted something longer. The cliffs were difficult in spots, but nothing life threatening. An excellent adventure for sure!!!!


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