Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:27:32 -1000
From: Patrick Rorie (>
Subject: Pu'u Kawiwi Triumph/Failure

On Saturday, November 14th, a group of us ventured out to the leeward coast of Oahu in an attempt to "put to bed" a peak (Pu'u Kawiwi) that had long alluded us. Steve Poor, Wing Ng, Dayle Turner, Doug Walker (aka and an OHE-L member visiting from Reno, Nevada) and myself rendezvoused in the Waikele McDonald's parking lot at 9:30 a.m.

Following final preps, our group carpooled in Wing's Ford Mustang and the pat-mobile. Upon arriving in Waianae Town, I parked my car in the First Hawaiian Bank parking lot and all of us crammed into the Mustang for a drive deep into Waianae Valley. We parked in the dirt lot below the Waianae Kai Forest Reserve boundary and walked up a Board of Water Supply road toward two water tanks.

About half way up the road an argument broke out regarding which route to choose. Dayle wanted to shoot up the main ridge leading to Kawiwi. Steve, on the other hand, had his sights set on a side ridge he had scouted out on numerous occasions which lead to a saddle between Noname Peak (elev. 3,000 ft) and Kawiwi (elev. 2,975 ft). From there our group would hike along the crest of Kamaileunu Ridge to Kawiwi or so Steve envisioned. Not wanting to take sides, I waivered in my decision to join Dayle or Steve. Dayle and Steve ended up going together to explore the main ridge while Wing and I headed for the side ridge. In the meantime, Doug took off on his own to hike the Waianae Kai Trail.

About 90 minutes later I completed an ascent to the crest of Kamaileunu Ridge thru a forest of ironwoods. A few minutes later I reached a sentinal boulder along the crest at 12:30 p.m. Passing showers had made it slippery and I was soaked because of the rain. I contoured to the left around most of the huge rock but a climb up and over it was inevitable. Due to the slick surface and with gusty trade winds I decided not to proceed any further.

At approx. 1:30 p.m. Wing arrived and I explained the situation to him. He agreed with my judgement not to continue. Just before we started heading back, I noticed the figure of a man on the apex of Kawiwi. It was Dayle, his arms triumphantly outstretched. Out of frustration I yelled "No way!!!".

Descended to a point below the ironwood grove to escape the wind and ate lunch. A lovely two tiered waterfall existed on the slopes of massive Mount Ka'ala. Eventually, I emerged near the upper watertank from the forest and sat down to wait for Wing. Much to my surprise, Steve came out near my position and I told him of Dayle's accomplishment. "Damn!" he replied and I inquired as to why he didn't also top out. Steve mentioned something about the rain coming down while he was negotiating a rock face thus preventing further progress.

Once Wing reached the road the three of us descended to the dirt lot where we found Doug waiting for us. Despite the rain, he had successfully completed the Waianae Kai loop and gained pleasure from the experience. Upset with myself at making the wrong decision earlier in the day, I took on a bad attitude.

Less than half an hour later, Dayle, the conquering hero, joined us at Wing's Mustang. Long ago ancient Hawaiians used to climb Kawiwi so it was only fitting that a man of Hawaiian ancestry (Dayle) would be the first of our group to gain the summit. During the drive back to First Hawaiian Bank, Dayle spoke of his ordeal including a confrontation with a combative goat.

== Patrick

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