Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:43:23 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (>
Subject: Koko Crater jaunt

Lanihuli is my favorite trail on Oahu and Koko Crater is high on my list, easily in the top five. With a holiday today, I headed to KC for a workout hike, starting just before noon.

My preferred hike route for the crater is to start at the trailhead by the botanical gardens and then proceed up the west side (Hawaii Kai facing) rim to Pu'u Mai and complete the loop down the east side rim. I like this way because I can reach the top quicker; plus, some of the trickier rock climbing is easier to tackle going up.

It's been a few months since I last hiked KC, and one surprise I found at the summit was a large trophy for the Billabong Surf contest sitting on the metal platform up there. This trophy seems like the real McCoy, with the names of several well-known past winners affixed on metal plates on it. Why anyone would lug this trophy to the top of the crater is beyond me, and I'd be interested to hear the whys for the lugging. Other surprises on the summit platform were a metal skillet with a small container of baby powder in it (what's up with these?) and a lunchbox-sized military ammo box that contains notepads where past KC summit attainers have jotted their how-do-you-dos.

Of course, I added my own how-do-you-do and spent 20 minutes reading what others had written. I spotted an entry by Duane Tom (aka Grimlock) and a couple others by folks I've exchanged pleasantries with via email. Some entries were entertaining, including one by someone from the HK (Hawaii Kai?) Crew who claimed to have reached the summit in under 12 minutes and who also challenged all comers to take on him and his "boyz" in beach football any Saturday at Sandy's.

Hopefully, the summit log tradition will continue.

The rest of the hike went without a hitch and I was pau before 2.

Anyone else hit the trail today?


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