OHE November 2, 1997

From: ATCnavy@aol.com
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Subject: Sunday at Diamond Head -- The Non-Tourist trails

What a beautiful, and windy, day this Sunday was. Me and my friends weren't up for any large, long hikes today (probably due to serious partying the night before) so we decided to go visit Diamond Head.

We arrived at the crater at about 3:55pm, and hit the tourist trail at 4. We climbed up the cement walkway untill reaching the rail section were the trail becomes dirt and rock. We orriginally intended to just follow this to the top, relax and take some photo's, and then head back down. But.....

We started making our own shortcuts, climbing from a lower section of trail to the higher section by vaulting the rails and climbing the rock. Then, we reached the first tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel, we went left, instead of right (which led up a stairway to the next tunnel) and proceeded to climb up the inside of the crater up to the observation point, bypassing the second tunnel completly.

Once at the top, we shot some photo's then proceded to the right by hoping over the rails, and proceded along the ridge of the crater as far as we could.

We then returned to the observation point, and decided to go left, hop the chain (with a sign on it that said only "Thank you for not smoking") and headed along the ridge towards a pair of bunkers of in the distance. To get their, we first descended a fairly steep and slippery hill with the aid of a thick cable, passing several decrepid barbed wire fences. It was more like rust wire! Then we continued along the ridge, Koko Head bound. The ridge was graded and ungraded at the same time. A small foot path leads along the inner edge of the crater, or you can climb about 2 to 4 feet up the the top of the ridge. We didn't make it all the way to the bunkers in the distance due to the setting sun and the fact that it was approaching 6 o' clock and gate closing time. It does appear possible to make it though.

All in all, Diamond Head is a hike for tourist. But if one is willing to explore, and doesn't feel like going on any mind numbing 6 to twelve mile hikes, Diamond Head can then be a nice, fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And also, with the clear sky and Bright shinning Sun, the hike will not dissapoint you for photo opportunetys.


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