OHE May 2, 1999 (Maunawili Demo)

Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 18:35:25 -1000
From: Grimlock (grimlock@hawaii.rr.com>
Subject: Maunawili Demo trail

Wanting to get in some backpack training yesterday I headed for the Maunawili Demo trail. I had never done this hike before and thought it was a good place because it is so long that I could hike until I got tired and then turn around.

I headed to Waimanalo hoping to start on that end so that I could visit my friend who lives there after the hike, but could not find the entrance. Stopped by my friends house to ask directions but he wasn't home so I headed to the hairpin turn. When I finally put on my mosquito repellant and stepped onto the trail it was almost 11:30am. I was immediately treated to views of Olomana and the Koolau's heading eastward, but once I made the turn heading toward Mt Olympus the views became simple awesome! Each time I walked out of a valley I saw Olomana and each time I turned back towards the Koolau's I was faced with these huge amphitheater views! I wish I had brought my camera! This trail is in such good shape and even the muddy spots were pretty easy to avoid. I was happy to see that there were also distance markers! Continuing on I hiked past the 4mile marker and then the 5mile marker and then the markers stopped! I passed a couple deep holes in the ground that I thought might be where they had once been, but couldn't tell for sure. I figured that whoever took those out probably didn't take them all out so I was bound to see another one soon. I wasn't sure how long it had been since the 5mile marker but when I rounded Lanipo I figured I must've gone 7 miles by then. Does anyone know how far this point is? Anyway, it was here I stopped and had the first MRE of my life! They're not bad tasting, but they are so puny that I think I could eat maybe 5 for dinner! Heading back I saw Konahuanui off in the distance and must admit I was pretty bummed because it looked VERY far away! Then came the rain and I was treated to beautiful cascading waterfalls off in the distance. It seemed to take a really long time working my way back but when I got to the waterfalls I knew I was home free! Soon after I was back to my car getting my aching feet out of my boots and into my relaxing Tevas!

I think the Maunawili trial is an incredible hike for all to enjoy! It's not difficult and the views are tremendous! It's also as long as you want it to be and a great place to train for backpacking. The only thing that disappointed me was the missing distance markers, but I'll definately be back!

btw - where is the cut off that would take me to Piliwale ridge? I think I saw the ridge while coming back, including that fissure. It looked as though something bridges it about half way down?


Reply from: Carmen C. (carmenc@pixi.com>

I agree the that Demo trail is great for conditioning and have been using it myself quite a bit.

Piliwale Ridge is a bit past the .5 mile marker coming from the hairpin trailhead. If you go to the left, you'll go up a hill, then down into Maunawili Valley which is a nice hike. If you go to the right, you'll head up the ridge which gets steeper and steeper but is also a lot of fun.

Happy Trails!!

Carmen :-)

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