OHE May 29, 1999 (Keahiakahoe-Tripler)

Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 19:59:16 -1000
From: Carmen C. (carmenc@pixi.com>
Subject: Windward/Leeward Koolau Jaunt

After leaving a couple of cars at Tripler and joining up in Kaneohe we headed out on the trail. Doug Klein, Kris Corliss, and myself, along with two people Doug works with and three recent graduates from Notre Dame (one from Hawaii) were in attendance. Begin time, 9:30 am. We were a bit behind Dayle et all and "we made our way up a steep spur to the Koolau summit near Keahiakahoe and then spent an exhilarating hour hiking along the crest." Kris was kind enough to stay with me huffing and puffing while the rest of the group darted ahead. We had just made the summit when Dayle, Jay, and Rich took off about 10 seconds later. Summit time, 11:00. It was clouded in when we arrived, but this lifted quickly and didn't return offering us a wide array of views.

After a rest of a couple of minutes, we followed their group along the summit. Again Kris and I were at the end, but enjoyed a lively conversation about various topics and observed the summit flora. I was introduced to the lapalapa tree and it's cousin olapa. WE also identified lobelia among the other ground cover. (I think I got those names right).I also saw for the first time yellow, then purple naupaka. Beautiful. By 12:30 we had reached the spur to head down the Tripler Ridge and paused for lunch. It was eerily quite while everyone scarfed and watched our counterparts at Kahuauli. (I took a picture. :-). By 1:00 we were heading down Tripler Ridge eager to get to our cars. 3.5 hours later, extremely tired, and REALLY sick of up-hills, we reached the cars. The air was very humid, but luckily there was a light wind. Myself, I drank four liters of water and could have had more.

We were at our cars by 5:00 and I quickly raced to the store to purchase the dinner I've been thinking and talking about all day: medium rare steak, sauteed mushrooms and onions, scalloped potatoes.

We had a discussion about how far we'd hiked today. Doug said he thought it was about 8 miles. Kris quickly said she thought it was 13-14 miles but that might be off because of the ascent. My guess is in the middle at 10 miles. All five guests stated they were going immediately to sleep and the three HTMCers are well on their way to sleep. Thank you Doug for putting today's hike together. Excellent experience.

Carmen :-)

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