OHE May 26, 1999 (Diamond Head #9)

Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 15:15:21 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@LAVA.NET>
Subject: Ridge #9 of Diam. Hd.

Two years ago, I wrote about the various ridges of Diam. Hd., and #9 says:

9) Right of 8), but left of the concrete path. There is a ridge that is becomes knife-edge near the top, but seems do-able. It _may_ be possible to reach the top of the crater rim, but I didn't attempt it.

Today, I did it. Near the lighthouse, there is a concrete path going to a bunker. Ridge #9 is to the left of the concrete path. It gets narrower and steeper as it goes up, and then there is a 4-feet step at the top. I could probably climb it, but I chose to slab left and climb up. I also left some pink ribbons on the way.

So I've done #9. I think Kirby Young says that he did #9:

"Bottoming out, I then climbed steeply up and over a rim summit with a prominent bunker. Views of Kahala district and lavish Black Point (lava flow erupted during "rejuvenated" volcanism), rewarded me here. Near a low point in the rim beyond I recognized a route I'd cajoled a friend to accompany me on a climb up the outside several years ago. This corresponds to Wing Ng's Diamond Head ridge route #9."


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