OHE May 25, 1999 (Diamond Head makai)

Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 12:51:07 -1000
From: Wing C Ng 
Subject: Diam. Hd. adventure

This morning I did a wake-up hike on Diam. Hd., as is my custom when my mornings are free.

I am not sure why, but I brought a rope, a flimsy parachute rope that I bought a whole reel of.

I went up the ridge Koko side of the main ridge going down to the ocean. When we did that main ridge few weeks ago, I and Dayle speculated that Paka would go do the Koko side ridge soon to the summit. Well, Paka's too busy traversing Olomana.

I was going to go to my usual spot and turn back. Today, armed with Nike Sharks and the rope, I went on.

There is a narrow dike to cross. No sweat. Next it gets impossibly steep, but one can cross the gully to the right and reach the next ridge, even with a rectangular stake on it, that looks reasonable.

So I did, and went up some more.

Then it gets impossibly steep, and so I slabbed right, and then left again to regain the ridgetop.

At that point I can see people at the summit gesticulating. It's no more than 50 feet vertical elevation.

But there is a fairly steep rock scramble, about the same as the first pitch of Olomana 3 from the bottom. Sure, I did that last Saturday, but there was a rope there!!, and there is no rope here. I figured that I can probably make this pitch, but what if it becomes impossibly steep afterwards. Then I have to yell to the tourists to call rescue .... :(

Reluctantly I turned back. Going down is a bit more hairy than going up. So I wrapped my flimsy rope around a haole koa and usedd it as handhold. After I got down, I pulled the rope off. I understand this is classic rappel rope-work :)

That's the most dangerous part. The rest is piece of cake.

I tied pink ribbons at various places on the ridge, to show that "I was there." :)


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