OHE May 16, 1999 (Maui Backpacking)

Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 06:50:30 -1000
From: R. Jackson (ranjack@u.washington.edu>
Subject: Hiking/Backpacking on Maui

Hi all:

My undergrad college-age sister and a friend will be on Maui in July for a conference. After the conference they are interested in doing some hikes, camping, or backpacking for about 5 days after the event. They are wondering about places to go, and beyond having done the Haleakala-Kaupo Gap trek a long time ago I don't know much about good places on Maui.

I think the backpacking book by Ball might have some hiking and camping info for Maui - but any other ideas, web-sites, or advice would be great. She mentioned heading out to Hana to see the pools - she has expressed an interest in roughing it, so this group may have just the right advice. After the recent recent stories about difficulties getting a ride by hitching it makes me think about transportation difficulties. I was thinking about the ferry to Lanai and camping at Manele Bay. Any other ideas?

Thanks Much,


Reply From: mooncat (mooncat@aloha.com>

I've done the crater,Poli Poli (my favorite), and the summit trail down to Poli Poli. Also, on the west end of Maui above Honokowai, there is a trail (mostly like a road) that goes up to a Hunter's cabin. From there you can hike even further. The views are the best I've seen. It's kind of hard to find where the road starts. Perhaps is listed in a book. You do have to go through pineapple fields to get to it. We also did a trek to another hunter's cabin just above Lahaina where the big "L" is on the hill.


Reply from: MR RICHARD A MCMAHON (Richard27@prodigy.com>


In addition to Stuart's book, check out Adventuring in Hawaii [Sierra Club Books] for backpack and day hikes. Available in all state libraries.

A good place to camp/hike on Maui that gets little attention is Polipoli Springs State Recreation Area, at the 6500 foot level on the northwest slope of Haleakala. There is a free campground and a low- cost state cabin. The Skyline Trail goes from here to the summit of Haleakala, a different way to approach the mountain top. Other trails at Polipoli are shown in Adventuring [p. 172].

Another good place to camp free out Hana way is the national park campground at Oheo Pools. In addition to the pools, there is a great hike to Makahiku and Waimoku Falls, plus a neat swim up a rock-walled gulch to another falls and lovely pool [Adventuring, p. 168].

And while in the Hana area, don't fail to check out Blue Pool, Venus Pool, and Red Sand Beach.

Have Fun,


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