OHE May 25, 1998 (HOAH)

Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:59:02 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: HOAH--Day 3 report

Spoke with Gene and Pat via cell phone at 12:20 p.m. HST and they are progressing well, having reached the Waiawa gap and completed a big climb that comes immediately after it. They were socked in at the time with gusty winds clearly audible in the background.

Both are confident that they'll reach the terminus of the Manana trail at by 4 and Waimano Ridge trail summit before sundown.

Gene, saying he "had enough fun to last for awhile" is considering ending his crest traverse at that point and going down Waimano. Pat, whose energy knows no bounds, said he will still try for Moanalua Valley by Wednesday to complete the whole shebang.

Wing and I will head up Waimano this afternoon to meet the duo at the top. We all will camp at the small dip just below the crest (Gene said he may go down Waimano tonight but we will try to convince him to stay put for the evening and head down tomorrow). When I talked to Pat, his only request was that I bring him some Dr. Pepper, one of key fuels to make the Paka-lolo motor purr.

As for tomorrow, the next goal is the Haiku Bowl, a place on the crest beyond Aiea Ridge terminus and not far from the summit of Halawa Ridge. Wing plans to head to Waimalu Middle Ridge and descend that to a trailhead on Onikiniki Street.

We may try to call Nathan Yuen tonight so he can post an update for those interested in further progress. If I had the hardware, I'd post a report from the summit campsite but alas I have no such toys (yet) :-).

Aloha for now,


Update from: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>

I posted a preliminary report yesterday and here's a follow-up to it--

Yesterday (5/25, Mon), Gene and Pat completed the Kipapa to Waimano leg at 5 p.m., needing just over 8 hours to get it done. That's booking over difficult terrain. Pat reported that the swath created during the mother-of-all-hikes (Kipapa to Manana) last October was still there as were most of the ribbons he put up during that outing.

Meanwhile, Wing and I began our trek up Waimano at 2:30. At about 5:15, just before the trail crossed over from the left side contour to the right (aprox. 6-mile mark), I met a couple shouldering big packs heading downtrail. They told me they had crossed over from Manana and had seen a couple guys (Pat and Gene) about a half hour behind them. At about 5:30, I met Gene, who was heading down Waimano since he didn't feel like spending another night out.

I summitted at 5:45 and waiting for me there was Paka-lolo, looking understandably tired. Wing arrived not long afterward and the three of us spent an eventful night at the top, which included snapped tent poles (Slumberjack Bivy Tents--buyers beware!), a light show of the windward side, musical entertainment via transistor radio, a nice meal (freeze-dried stew for Pat, Chinese noodles for Wing, corn pasta for me), and a visit by shrieking mystery animals (pigs? mongoose? weasels? monkeys?) that had us clutching our machetes in case we were attacked (we never did find out what animals were). Waimano summit campers be forewarned!


Update from: Wing C Ng

Well, yeah, Dayle said almost all that there is to be said.

1) Patrick did say he wants to go back to WORK tomorrow, if only to file a detailed report!

2) That "Thing" that goes "ek-ek-ek-ek-ek" in the early evenings scared the heck out of us. We were right on the edge and a herd of stampeding pigs mights push us all over!

3) Because of cool, misty, breezy weather, I got up to Waimano last night without drinking one sip of water. I drank water for dinner and breakfast, and then proceeded to march out this morning, and reached the Waimano trailhead at noon, again without drinking one sip of water. I am considering putting this in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition to, being the first man to circumnavigate Kuliouou Valley, without a working watch!!


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