OHE May 24, 1998

Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 19:09:02 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: MOAH--Day 2 Report

Just spoke to the intrepid ones, Gene Robinson and Pat Rorie, via cell phone minutes ago (6:40 p.m. HST) and both are in high spirits, despite being inundated by clouds and buffeted by strong winds at the summit of the Koolaus.

They have reached the terminus of the Kipapa trail and will be dropping down to the headwater of the Kipapa stream to obtain water for their immediate needs and for tomorrow's planned leg to the summit of the Waimano ridge trail.

Pat reports that last night at Poamoho was windy and cold but that he and Gene had a fairly restful night despite the elements. They left Poamoho at just past eight this morning, and met up with Pete Caldwell, Don Fox, and a female colleague for the lunch at the summit of Pu'u Kaaumakua. Pete, Don, and friend, BTW, had ascended to the KST via the Waikane Trail.

After lunch with the Waikane ascenders, Pat and Gene departed Kaaumakua at 1:15 and spent the next five hours battling through a badly overgrown section of the KST to get to Kipapa.

Pat told me he's confident he and Gene will make Waimano tomorrow, saying "the worst is behind us." They plan to look for a sheltered campsite for the night since the wind is blowing with strong force and doesn't show signs of relenting.

They'll call me again at noon tomorrow to report their position and if they've made progress as they expect, I'll head for Pearl City Heights soon thereafter to ascend the Waimano trail to meet them at the summit.

So far so good for Pat and Gene.


Reply from: peter caldwell (pekelo@lava.net>

Ka'aumakua Wine Tasting Party:

Don Fox, Kristen Dudley and I neared the top of the Waikane trail and spotted a couple of hikers at the KST/Schofield junction. Somehow we managed to hit it just right and arrived at the KST junction a few minutes before the hardy twosome. We had left the Waikane saddle around 9:30 AM and had planned to try and raise Gene when he turned on the phone at 11 and see where they were. No luck on the phone, and no sign of them even though the visibility was good as the clouds had cooperated by staying above the crest from about halfway from Poamoho south to our area. Suddenly we heard some shouts and shortly afterwards as we neared the junction, we saw them for the first time. Heavy Memorial Day traffic on the KST with five hikers! They were doing fine and in good spirits despite a cold and windy nite at Poamoho after a long first day mostly in the clouds. Paka described it as a "grind". However the morning produced clearing weather and they were able to enjoy the great views of that section of the KST which spends a lot of time on the pali side.

We went through the gap as the KST begins its long mostly leeward route and in a short time were below Kaaumakua at the little grassy ravine where we had climbed up to the summit last December. Pat and Gene took the opportunity to dump their packs and grab their lunches and soon we were whooping it up on the top. However the clouds were starting to move in and we had only interment but still spectacular views. We hunkered down out of the wind and brought out the goodies which included extra Power Bars, cookies, oranges and drinks for Pat and Gene. Kristen who is a dietician made Paka's day by contributing a bag of chocolate- covered coffee beans. Pat said he was already going through a little caffeine withdrawal without his usual coffee rations. Then Don pulled out the piece de resistance- a bottle of wine complete with fine plastic wine glasses. After a round of toasts (to Piliwale, clear weather, no unfriendly pua'as, etc) and picture-taking, we reluctantly packed up and headed back down to the trail.

We went a little further with da boys and then wished them well. Gene was trying out some new Koolau bushwhacking soccer shinguards which will soon get well-tested. Pat pulled out his machete and gave us a parting salute with his trusty knife, and they disappeared around the corner into the mist towards Kipapa. We soon were back at the Waikane junction and enjoyed the wonderful panorama with a brief glimpse of the sun to top it off. It was clear for the entire descent, and unlike the last two hikes coming out there, we walked the Waikane Valley road in daylight for a change. Driving home, I looked up to the cloud-enshrouded crest in the Kipapa region. Only the Waiawa gap area was clear so we'll all have to send good mana there way for better weather. Good luck and hang in there, guys!!


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