OHE May 17, 1998 (b)

Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 18:21:43 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Surprising double-header

Went to the HTMC regular Sunday hike up Tripler ridge from Moanalua Valley. Did not attempt the summit since it is socked in, and came out by 3:10, and then saw a guy that looks like Pakalolo sauntering towards the trailhead. I thought, how can it be Paka and ignored him, and he gets closer, and heck, it IS him!!

Exchanged pleasantries and unpleasantries (watch his postings Monday), and asked him how he and Dayle did the rockface on Skipole trail. Turned out he did veer left and then climbed up, while Dayle contoured to the right and climbed up!! The one to the left looked a bit dicey to me, but I thought I could do it. Did not check out the right side. Steve Poor checked it out, while I attempted straight up the rock. Since my attempt succeeded, Steve also came up the middle straight up. So it seems this rock can be done left, middle, and right!!, a record for a rock!!

Turns out Paka was supposed to give a ride to one hiker, but he probably went home by himself. Paka goes, it's early yet, how about a doubleheader. Of course I enthusiastically agreed, how about up the Red Hill ridge, show me the route??

So we went up behind the basketball court right there at the parking lot. The trail is amazingly good, no overgrowth, with still ribbons Paka left, and there are two rock faces with nice regulation cables!! Actually, to a Skipole trail veteran like my good self, those cables are quite unnecessary, but still ....

Got to the top, which is a jeep road, in 30 min. Sat down to rest for five, and then retraced the steps to go back down, which took 20 min.

Great doubleheader. Should try to open this almost virgin trail all the way to the top.

Made another unpublishable joke with Paka and bode him goodbye, and "maybe see you Friday, your big day!!"


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