Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 08:20:50 -1000
From: Patrick Rorie (>
Subject: The Silver Trail

The following is the tentative itinerary for the 5 day silver anniversary trip from Laie to Moanalua Valley in honor of the late Silver Piliwale.

It would be fun to see some of you along the way or in transit with us. Realize, however, that Gene and I (and Dayle when he joins us at Waimano) must make good time in order to reach the desired destination for each day. In other words, we can't wait for those who can't keep up. I don't mean to be uncool in saying this. I'm just being as honest as possible.

Kurt, Art, Mike "Killah", Dr. Pete? Will any of you be joining us (if not from the beginning then somewhere in between)?

Saturday 5/23
8am- leave Laie trailhead 
lunch- Kawailoa helipad
camp- Poamoho
water- Poamoho Stream and stash

Sunday 5/24
lunch- Kaaumakua summit
camp- Kipapa or just beyond
water- Kipapa Stream

Monday 5/25
lunch- on ridge past Waiawa gap
camp- Waimano
water- Waimano stash

Tuesday 5/26
lunch- on ridge before Aiea
camp- Haiku bowls
water- Aiea Stream and stash

Wednesday 5/27
lunch- Moanalua saddle
exit at Moanalua valley park

Approx. 25 miles


-- Patrick

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