OHE May 9, 1997 (part b)

Here's some news, courtesy of Patrick Rorie, regarding what's going on concerning Haiku Stairs and Valley and Waikane Valley. The following message is one he received from April Coloretti, an aide to Honolulu City Councilmember Steve Holmes:
Here is April's post to Patrick:
Today I attended the Haiku Stairs Working Group Meeting. These meetings have been ongoing with the US Coast Guard, Department of Parks and Rec, State DHHL, State Department of Land and Natural Resources, Councilmember Holmes, and other affected agencies.

The City has until May 15 to get a letter of intent over to the USCG. The letter has been drafted, but since Mayor Harris is out of town, it could not be approved.

The letter states that the City would like to take over the Haiku Stairs and is interested in Haiku Valley. Once the USCG responds to the letter of intent, we can start moving.

The project gets a little complicated when we discuss ownership of the Omega Station and Haiku Stairs. Some land is ceded. Some land is purchased fee simple. Some land is leased by USDA for a quarnatine station. Some land is used for H-3 and its access roads. So on and so forth. But the working group is aware of all the players and just gathering as much info as possible.

Councilmember Holmes successfully amended the Capital Improvement Program budget to add $350,000 in construction monies and $1,000 in planning monies for Haiku Stairs.

The City is buying land from Azabu (503 acres) to build the Waikane Valley Nature Preserve. This is a new project under the Department of Parks and Recreation and there is a total of $6,020,000 budgeted over the next four fiscal years to accomplish this project.

If you are interested in testifying on any of these items, DPR and Councilmember Rene Mansho are holding public informational meetings on Parks Projects.

The meeting for Kane'ohe/Kahalu'u projects will be on Monday, May 19, from 7pm to 9pm at the Kane'ohe Community Park.

Please e-mail me or call me at 527-5813 if you have any questions.

April Coloretti Aide to Councilmember Holmes

Also of interest is a Honolulu Star-Bulletin article about the Haiku Stairs. Check it out.
Hike safe, gang.


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