OHE May 8, 1997

List member Mike Uslan issues the following report. Anyone who can offer suggestions about getting on the case of the perpetrator, please email me or Mike.


Dayle! I went mountain biking today in between Millilani Mauka and Koa Ridge, otherwise known as Kipapa gulch I guess??? Way up, above the new developments. Theres a paved road that goes into the north side of the valley from the top of Millilani Mauka, then up to a center ridge, where a new water tank resides. From here two 4-wheel drive roads go off, one mauka and one makai. I tried the mauka one first, by the look of my maps, this took us very close to the summit, up through a bunch of Banana and Papaya trees.. On the trail makai from the water tank, you dont have to go far to see the farmer who leases the land from Castle & Cooke, is a damn pig. On our trip down the makai road, past another gate, I found he has been dumping trash over a ridge for many many years. This guy is dumping anything in there, old vaccums, TV's, oil, you name it. He should be fined and thrown out. Its pristine forest up there, and the lowlife leasing the land is destroying it. Nobody probably knows. Maybe post this on your e-mail list. If anyone knows the proper channels I can show them the exact site of this losers private dump.
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