OHE May 5, 1997

Hiking phenom Patrick Rorie has deep affection for the windward-side peak called Ohulehule. He's even written a detailed route description that rivals the work of the esteemed Stuart Ball, Patrick's idol and guru.

Mahalo to Pat for the following fine write-up:


Drive to Kahana valley state park (refer to Stuart Ball's "Hiker's Guide To Oahu" page 154). After you take the left off of Kam. hwy. into the park drive on the paved road until you reach a new community. You can see houses under construction and a sign that says "No cars beyond this point". Park in the grass area to your right as you approach the gate. Do not leave any valuables inside your car.


Proceed thru the new community on foot. Look for a bull in a field on your right after you've walked for awhile. Pass a locked gate and continue straight up the road. When you reach a hunter/hiker check-in box go LEFT down a wide trail. Cross the dam and go left down the trail. At a junction go LEFT (the trail to the right leads to Kahana valley trails). Walk thru or around water (not a stream) in the trail. Reach a stream and go straight across it. Continue on the trail (red ribbons should appear every once in awhile).

After the trail bends to the right cross another stream. Continue on the trail which heads up hill. Eventually the trail will take you to an open area. Continue straight until you see the ribbons on the LEFT. Go that way. The trail will take you down to a stream and bamboo forest. Cross the stream and go up and to the right thru the forest. Watch your footing because the mud in the forest is slippery. Exit the forest but continue ascending thru uluhe. After a distance reach another junction. You should see a metal pole near it. Go LEFT (to the right leads down to the stream) and continue ascending first gradually and then steeply.

Climb up the ridge using ribbons as a guide. As you get higher the views should become excellent (Kahana valley behind and Kaaawa valley to the left). Continue climbing until you reach a saddle. There should be a long ribbon blocking further progress. Stop and rest here briefly. Look toward the Ko'olau mountain range and you should be able to see Waikane trail and Ko'olau Summit Trail cut into the side of the mountain toward the top. Dayle or I can give you directions for those trails later (2 of the best on Oahu).

As you continue the hike use extreme caution. The trail is somewhat overgrown so watch your footing constantly. Pass a landslide on your left. Ascend the spine of the mountain. Grab onto trees and roots for stability. Eventually a 30 year old metal cable will appear. Use it only if its not wet. Otherwise its too slippery. Climb steeply. Use foliage and the cable. Another cable will appear shortly after the other comes to an end. Its tan in color and very helpful. Continue very steep climbling (is this hiking or mountain climbing ?!).

Next, reach a fairly level section. Look around and enjoy the views. Keep going up until you reach a clidemia forest. Look for a narrow trail cut thru it. There should be four viewing spots located on different sides of the summit. Look for the old trail which leads down the spine which faces Kaneohe bay (described in Stuart's book as "the most dangerous hike on the island" page 237). It can't be done anymore because some jerk removed the cables and because access is difficult (harassment from landowners near the trail head).


The trail leading to the saddle was cleared on April 27 and is a freeway. Use extreme caution when traveling along the section beyond the saddle. The rock is loose and crumbly underneath the foliage. I accidently kicked some rocks out the last time I came down. Go for it ! Dayle hasn't done it yet so we could do it together one of these weekends !

=="Psycho" Pat

Hike safe everyone,


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