OHE May 29, 1997

HTMC trail clearing honcho Mabel Kekina is featured in a front-page story of today's (5/29) Honolulu Advertiser. Check it out if you have a chance.

Although a name is not mentioned, there is even a reference to an OHE list member who is currently banned from the trail maintenance crew for alleged native flora-chopping violations.

Mabel, by the way, is like a second-mother to most folks on the trail clearing crew, of which Pat Rorie and I are regular members. She has taken a particular interest in the well-being of Patrick, repeatedly scolding him for heading off on dangerous hikes alone (hey, does Mabel know you went up Dupont by yourself last weekend, Patrick?) :-)

And if any of you folks have some time on a given Sunday, come out and join Mabel and the HTMC crew. The work is hard but the baked goods she serves up at post-clearing gatherings are second to none.



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