OHE May 22, 1997

After reading about Kurt's Ohulehule outing, Wing Ng (wing@lava.net) offered this follow-up:
On a super-dangerous hike like Ohulehule it is probably a bad idea to hike alone. On the day the HTMC hikes the Saddle, I told Stuart Ball the leader that I will go up to the top by myself taking a 2 hour headstart. It was the omen that prevented me doing so: my car overheated and I couldn't go! God knows if something might happen to me.

That steel cable section is exceedingly steep. I think I calculated it as 67 degrees on the average, with some places even more. The traction of the steel cable is terrible, even though it is very strong and probably won't give way. I found going up was very difficult but going down with gloves on was OK. But that's because it was dry on the day we hiked back in 1995. Kurt was lucky that he did not slip sideways when his hands slipped ....

On an even earlier trek, not even to the summit, I was attacked by bees on the flat ridge portion. I felt OK at first, but within 5 minutes, I started seeing colors, flashes of gold everywhere, the sky, the vegetation all changed colors and flashed gold. I almost passed out. Stuart Ball was only few minutes ahead, and I yelled out for help. He stayed with me while I lay down on the trail for more than an hour. I was able to walk out, but very slowly, and did make it out before dark.

Like Pat says, spirits are guarding that most fascinating and dangerous peak Ohulehule, the K2 in our midst. I shall surely go back and make the last 15 minutes, with a cellular and other hikers, like Kurt says.


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