OHE May 2, 1997

Aloha hike-a-maniacs--

Did Wiliwilinui today (Fri, 5/2) and can report that the trail is in good condition--minimal mud and relatively clear of uluhe in the upper section beyond the 4x4 road. The route is basically a sprint, Pat "Lightning-feet" Rorie reporting a 45-minute traverse time from trailhead to summit. I made it in a more modest 55 minutes today, chatting with a work crew at the transmitter station located just below the summit (they had helicoptered in).

The one bummer about this trail is that one must park a goodly ways downslope from the trailhead or risk being towed away. I took a chance and parked near where the chain across the road is and luckily found my vehicle still there when I returned.

Other news:

--Pat Rorie has this fixation on Pu'u Kalena and has been up to it several times recently. On his most recent climb, he found the trail to be a bit overgrown, with ankle- and shin-high vegetation causing a bit of precariousness along Kalena's legendary narrow sections. If you head up Schofield way to try this trail, be careful.

--Pat also suggested that I remind everyone about vehicle security (or lack thereof) at trailheads. Case in point is the recent 10-car break-in at the parking lot at the head of the Sacred Falls trail and subsequent police chase of the suspects up Trout Farm Road in Kahana Valley. One tactic to discourage thieves is to remove all valuables (and anything appearing to have value) from your vehicle. Some folks even go as far as leaving their vehicle unlocked. Whatever the case, be aware of the rip-off possibility.

--The "Psycho" man and I will be heading up Poamoho tomorrow afternoon (Sat, 5/3) and camping out near the summit. On Sunday morning, we'll make our way along the Koolau Summit Trail and then descend the Schofield-Waikane trail, clearing it as we go. Members of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club trail maintenance crew will be working their way up Schofield-Waikane starting at around 8am and we'll hook up with them at some point in the day.

If Pat and I reach the summit of S-W early enough, we may do some exploration of the summit trail toward Kipapa in preparation for a future hike up Kipapa and down the Waikane Trail to the windward side. Last Saturday, a bunch of us had intended to try the Kipapa/Waikane trek but weather forced us to postpone.

A note from Kurt Heilbron:

My next hike will be Konahuanui. I am planning to do this one next week sometime. What is the best way to access this trail? I read that you started at Manoa falls. IS there a shorter route? If so, where does it start? Oh, I may be going up the stairs again this Monday. I have a friend who wants to hike it.

Thanks again for the info and your excellent homepage.


Hike safe gang (and send in those hike and trail reports!)


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