OHE May 19, 1997

Hiking go-getter Art Neilson (artn@aloha.net) files the following report about climbs of Olomana and Kalena. Mahalo for the report, Art, and for affixing a rope to that rockface before peak 1 on Olomana.

Art's reports follow:

Hiked Olomana with my girlfriend Marge Saturday 17Th of May. We started at around 11:00, and reached the summit at 12:45. The last time she and I did this hike she couldn't climb up the small rock face with the cable just before the summit of the first peak. This time we got to the rock face and I saw there was NO CABLE. I free climbed it up to the top and saw someone had buzzed down the umbrella tree which the cable used to be attached to.

Fortunately I had a brown nylon rope in my pack, I was going to use it to make a rope loop for Marge to put her foot in to assist her climb. However with the cable missing the rope was destined to become the new cable. I put a bunch of knots in the rope about 8" apart and hung it off the other umbrella tree growing out of the rock face facing makai. The rope was just long enough, I draped it down the groove where Marge could grab it. She climbed right up the rope scrambling with her legs and got up that rock.

We spent about 2 hours on the summit enjoying the afternoon and my homebrewed Raspberry Hefeweizen ice cold in my Hawaiian Cooler. The day was mostly overcast and cool, perfect hiking weather. Several couples came up after us, and I mentioned the rope I had hung. One lady begged me not to take it away when I told her it was mine, I assured her I'd leave it for others to use. It's found a useful spot to hangout for a while. Anway, we had a succesful Olomana climb. It wasn't third peak but it was fun just the same.

Here's Art's report about Kalena:
I called Mike at 8:20am Sunday morning and told him I wanted to do Kalena. He was waffling about it because he did Konahuanui Saturday and his legs were a little sore. We debated doing Palikea instead however I've never done it from the cane fields before, only by driving thru the gates up Palehua rd. to Mauna Kapu then hiking the summit trail to Palikea. We only had Stuarts book description to guide us. Mike said he'd get his friends Jim and Burt and meet at my place in Aiea at 10:00.

Well, 10:45 they finally showed up (I hate getting such a late start). Only Mike and Burt made it, Jim stubbed his toe getting ready for the hike and decided he couldn't make it. Mike said let's do Kalena, like I wanted to do in the first place but I wasn't sure cause it was so late in the day but I drove anyway.

We took my truck to Kolekole pass via Trimble Rd. and parked in the lot across from the cross. It was 11:20. We got to map point B at about 11:45 then map point C at 12:15. The trail considerably narrows here to a rock dike with drops off to both sides. Awesome views all around and we could see how far we had to go.

By 1:30 we got to map point D and met up with 2 military types who had started out at 9:00 and were on their way back. They said the trail wasn't badly overgrown and was quite doable. They also said they had attempted to get to Kaala from Kalena but it was super overgrown with blackberry and was pretty nasty. We were determined to make it all the way even though we were pretty tired and I was concerned about the time. I didn't want to come out in the dark!

Anyway, we gained the summit of Kalena at a little before 3:00. I ate 2 tuna fish sandwiches and drank a cold coke and a Raspberry Hefeweizen homebrew from my Hawaiian Cooler (tm). Mike and Burt were jealous because they only had Heinekens. The summit looks as though some one had done some clearing of blackberry around the Mamaki trees however there is no nice clearing to sit in. The view was spectacular, were were close enough to Kaala to see the antenna array very clearly, to the North. Pu'u Kaua and Palikea were to the South and East was the Koolaus adorned with mauka showers. Lualualei, Makaha, and Waianae valley could be seen to the West. The weather was absolutely perfect for hiking in the Waianae's, overcast and cool with occaisional very light rain.

We left the summit at 4:00 and whipped it back to the truck at Kolekole pass. It took us 2 1/2 hrs to get back, we arrived at the truck at 6:30 pm. On the way back I got stabbed in the left leg by a sharp tree branch, it was bleeding quite a bit but I stopped it by rubbing it with dirt. I also got stung by a bee on my right leg. Minor wounds, part of the hike I say. A beautiful rainbow could be seen in the Mililani Mauka area as we were going back, Mike commented about it being a blessing. It was a great hike and I definitely will be going back in a month or two.

Coming soon are Patrick "Psycho" Rorie's report about a weekend trek through Haleakala and my write-up about hikes I did with some HTMC folks in the Kokee area of Kauai.

Hike safe, gang.


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