OHE May 13, 1997

List member Wing Ng describes his Sunday up in the Koolaus. The "omen" he mentions is a reference to occurrences coinciding with hiking-related incidents. For example, while climbing Ohulehule a few years back, his lunch fell out of his pack, a happening Wing regarded as an omen not to proceed to the summit. Whether real or imagined, Wing's most recent omen is referred to in his Sunday adventure.
Here's Wing:
The "omen" struck again!

By 7:30 I still have not decided whether to go Ditch, or Waimalu middle ridge. Then I put on my soft contact lense (for hiking) and discovered the left lense was missing.

So spent an hour looking for it and eventually finding an old replacement. Too late to do either one.

So headed up to Waialae Nui, started 9:45. Sun was shining, beautiful day, not one cloud.

Things changed within an hour, as you undoubtedly know also. Pouring rain, as bad as trail clearing outing on Lanipo or Kawailoa traverse. Sheesh, rained a lot this year: I just named three Sundays like that within 6 weeks!

The trail is passable, but occasionally obscured. Club has not gone through for 2 years. Used to be lots of people trespassed to hike this one. But the gated community put a fence around itself some 2 years ago, and the only way is to trespass into this last house 1.5 feet ... The last house has been nice enough not to fence up _his_ house, but apparently lot fewer people trespass into an individual's house, as opposed to impersonal "gated community" or Bishop Estate.

Maybe I shouldn't say "passable"; I had to do a lot of work! 4h 45 min. later, 2:30 pm, I was still about 30-45 min. from the top, and the rain got increasingly unpleasant. I consider the possibility that I get stranded on Waialae Nui totally unacceptable: it's normally not much harder than Diamond Head. So I reluctantly gave up and turned around; took 3 hours to come out, cutting some more.

This trail used to be a 4 hour round trip for me.


After reading about Wing's Waialae-Nui adventure, Art Neilson had some flashbacks to past hikes up that way.
Here's Art:
Waialae Nui!! My folks live up on that ridge, Alaeloa Pl. just off Halekoa Dr. Anyway, the community is not "gated", i.e. there is no gate. Bishop put up a fence blocking the trail head early last year cause some hobo types were living up there and messing things up. Lots of people still continued to hike there, finding ways around/over the fence. The Kamasugi's live in the "house" to the left, if you can call that huge mansion a house. They are a nice family and he's a good dentist ;^).

Waialae Nui trail was awfully overgrown with Uluhe last time I hiked there; looks like people are only going on the lower half of the trail nowadays. I've done up Lanipo down Wailae Nui and vice versa several times with my dog Ziggy and also once hiked up Ka'au Crater falls to the Koolau summit then over to and down Wailae Nui. There's the coolest gap right before you start climbing up to Pu'u Lanipo coming from Ka'au Crater but I digress.

Hike safe, gang,


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