OHE May 12, 1997 (Part 2)

Gabriela "Gaby" Canalizo emailed the following interesting narrative about how she spent this past Saturday. Mahalo nui to her.

If you weren't aware of it, Gaby also has a web page with stories and pics of other hikes she's been on. The URL is


I look forward to hearing how others spent their weekends. Email 'em on in, gang.


I went to one of the nicest streams in Oahu on Saturday. I did the Wahiawa Hills trail at the end of California Ave. It was really lovely.

My friend Eliza and I were thinking of doing the Palehua trail on the Waianae range. We knew the access was conditional, but we thought we could get away with it. Not so. The problem is not so much the locked gate at the begining of Palehua Rd., as the incredible amount of traffic going in and out. It was basically imposible to go over the gate without being noticed =(

So we decided to turn back and go to Wahiawa. By the time we reached the trailhead at the end of California Ave. it was already 1pm. We did the 5 mile loop trail that Stuart Ball describes in his book. As we all know, when the guru says "descend very steeply", you might as well jump with a parachute! =) The trail was full of these descents and their climbing counterparts. My partner (who is an astronomer too) and I had to keep a slow pace going up. Our poor lungs, so used to the rare air in Mauna Kea, couldn't handle so much oxygen at once! But it was absolutely worth it. The Kaukonahua stream is gorgeous. The current so gentle, the water so clear, the place so peaceful... You've already described on your web page that there are many pools and much exploring can be done. We finished the hike around 6:15pm, with quite a few mosquito bites and fern scratches on our legs.

This trail is definitely not for beginers. Though it isn't dangerous or particularly difficult, I know many people who would complain about the amount of scrambling involved. Also, although there is an enourmous number of trail markers, the trail can be fairly obscure, particularly in the first mile or so.


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