OHE March 28, 1999 (Reno Foothills)

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 16:10:17 -1000
From: kaularock 
Subject: Re: A hike in the foothills

OHE gang--

Drove a couple of miles west of Reno this morning, parked my car, crossed the Truckee river and slowly trudged up eight switchbacks to the top of a small foothill overlooking the river. From this hill I was able to view the meandering river, the Southern Pacific rail lines and I-80 in the far distance. We have had a wet winter in the northern Sierra and the release from Lake Tahoe has the Truckee flowing at 1,500 cfs. (I fly fish it in the fall at 150 cfs.)

But the minute I head away from civilization and head towards Lake Tahoe, I flush a coyote from the brush twenty yards ahead of me. It takes of for the hills and by the time I see the coyote again, it is several hills over.

There are 4x4 trails, mountain bike trails contouring the hills, but I am after exercise so I walk through the knee high grass straight up the hills. It is a beautiful day and I power walk past a couple a young ladies from San Francisco who were visiting for the weekend. The temperature is 55 degrees and just perfect for hiking.

I cross the Mogul flume (carries water from the river to desert farms) and climb several more hills before calling it quits. I get lost on the way down and end one valley over from my starting point. The hike takes three hours and is a great workout. Am looking forward to more hiking in the spring and summer.

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