OHE March 23, 1999 (Waiau)

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 22:47:39 -1000
From: Angel8735@AOL.COM
Subject: Info on Waiau Ridge Trail

Hi..I was just wondering if anybody has any information regarding a Waiau Ridge Trail at the top of Newtown. I along with some of my coworkers wanted to try that hike but we don't have much information regarding the status of that hike. Does anyone know if we have to get a permit or is there anything we need to know about this hike. We know totally nothing except that it's at the top of Newtown and that parts of the hike is not well defined. Any information will be gladly appreciated.

Oh and by the way, we tried to do the Kuaokala trail this past Sunday, but when we reached the ridge crossing, we all turned around because it was really windy and we didn't want to take chances of anyone getting injured. We will complete the loop trail one day, hopefully soon.


Sue and the hiking gang from Kaiser-Mililani Clinic :)

Reply from: Gene Robinson (gene@lava.net>

I'm happy to report that the Waiau trail (but not the RIDGE trail- more on that later) is in GREAT shape, thanks to the efforts of a very nice man named Silva, his wife, and friends. I was going along the trail last week, thinking, "Wow! This trail is practically manicured! I wish I could thank the people who have been doing this..." when I saw three people up ahead, sitting along the side of the trail, pulling weeds and trimming the grass BY HAND. Dayle had told me that the trail had been "adopted" by a Mr. Silva, who is retired and lives near-by. I stopped to say hello, and asked the most likely candidate, "Are you Mr. Silva? Thanks for your work on this trail!" He looked shocked and said, "How do you know my name?" His friend, also elderly and retired, and Mrs.Silva were spiffing up the trail for a Nature Center hike planned for last weekend.

Details: Access to the trail (going from ewa to DH) is from the top of Kaahumanu Street, or from the end of Hapaki Street, or from the end of Kaahele Street in Royal Summit.

Kaahumanu Street: If there is a guard in the little guard booth at the condo development at the end of Kaahumanu Street, you may need to park outside and walk up to the end of the road. Otherwise, you can probably just drive up to the top and park by the chain gate. Follow the old concrete road past a water tank and keep going along a dirt road. It's boring for a while, then you get into forest and start enjoying the beautiful Silva trail.

Hapaki Street: Drive through endless suburbia to the end of the road, park, and then scramble through high grass and up and down eroded slopes until you reach an old jeep road. Follow that road uphill (downhill takes you to Kaahele Street) and stay on the most obvious trail. If you go all the way, you'll end up at the Kaahumanu Street trailhead.

Kaahele Street: Park somewhere near the end of Kaahele Street in Royal Summit. Look at the big padlocked gate and the "No Trespassing" signs and think about your options. If you choose to proceed, go around the gate to the right, and after a short scramble, rejoin the dirt road which heads uphill. As you go uphill through a grassy area with nice views of Pearl Harbor, you'll see a number of side dirt roads on your right- don't go on those. Follow the main road uphill (you'll pass the Hapaki Street route coming up on your left) and eventually the trail begins.

At the highest point of the Silva trail there is a subtle branch heading off up Waiau Ridge, leading to the famous Wing helipad. This route is very overgrown, and shouldn't lead anyone astray.

Mountain bikes should stay off this trail. Mr. Silva has put far too much love and sweat into trail maintenance to have it trashed.

Consider parking a car at one trailhead and hiking the loop. It would be a very pleasant half-day hike. Or, go from Kaahumanu Street until you get to a good overlook of Waimalu valley, then head back.

Reply from: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>

I am the world's expert on Waiau. I went up Waimano and down Waiau in '96.

There are at least three access points, in three different residential subdivisions. Couple months ago, they are all open. At least one should still be open now.

The upper part is horribly overgrown. But the Club may have plans to clear the whole thing by going up Waimano and down Waiau like I did, sometime in the next quarter.

The bottom 2/3 was cleared in '97 and should still be not too bad now. Brandon Stone did the bottom 2/3 several months ago.


Reply from: "STONE, J. BRANDON" (802005%cchpd@co.honolulu.hi.us>

Just a thought regarding loop routes: Up Waimano and down Waiau would be great, but there are other options that provide topographical variety. We've gone up Waiau and down into Waimalu, turning right and descending a spur just before the Big Dip (a landmark about 2/3 of the way up Waiau). We've also gone up Waiau, beyond the Big Dip, and turned left down a spur directly to the dilapidated cabin below the Waimano Trail. Both routes let you enjoy the ridge up above, the descent into the valley along an open spur, and the pools below! In one case you exit via the Waimalu Ditch Trail and in the other you exit via the Waimano trail.


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