OHE March 21, 1999 (Palolo Circumnavigation)

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 18:35:04 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Palolo circumnavigation

Just about one year ago, I circumnavigated Kuliouou valley. Club hike is Olympus today. Dayle suggested going up Kawao trail from Palolo, go to Olympus, traverse to Kaau Crater, and come back out Waiomao.

It's not quite circumnav. of the whole valley. To do that would mean going down Lanipo, pick one's way down from the infamous Lanipo Saddle down into the Valley, etc. Well, some other day :)

Last night was windy and cold. Morning was windy and drizzling. Got to trailhead only at 10. Going up Kawao was uneventful. Then onto Waahia trail, and people are coming back from the Olympus hike already. In fact I met Grant Oka the leader at 12:30, and he's the last.

Not quite. Big John showed up from the rear. He is a speed demon, and so must be started real late, or else he did something else already. He replied that he came up from Manoa, and is then closed mouth.

Got to the top about 1 pm. The wind was really blowing at the summit crest, must be 40-50 mph. I put on Gore-Tex jacket as a windbreaker, and proceeded down. Big John sat down to have lunch, and I wonder if he had any plans.

There is a long black cable for aid at Ziggy's Rock, which is rendered a piece of cake. Wind is still blowing, and I crouched down for the narrow sections ahead, which were navigated successfully. Got to west summit of Kaau Crater about 2 pm and then sat down to have lunch.

Then it started raining, moderately hard. Finished lunch and headed down. Stopped at the Junction of Olympus-Castle (which goes all the way to Konahuanui and then down to Punchbowl), and cleared the intersection some more. More rain. So hurried down, and eventually had to put on jacket again. Was a bit worried about flash flood at Waiomao Stream, but the water level turned out to be okay.

Got to trailhead about 4:30, then the long walk on roads to my car. Stopped at a grocery store to buy chocolate for instant energy, and one Micronesian guy quizzed me about how much money I charge an hour to do yard-work :), he seems to want to get into that line of work. Also expressed admiration for Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Got back to car shortly after 5 pm.


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