OHE March 9, 1998 (c)

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 21:41:15 -1000
From: "Kirby D. Young" (kirbyd@teleport.com>
Subject: Schofield-Waikane photos from 5/97 on the Web

With the HTMC Schofield-Waikane hike coming up this weekend, I've posted a photo-narrative of last year's HTMC hike on the web. It is one of the few hikes I've been able to do on Oahu in the past year, and about the first Oahu hike where I tried filming with a camcorder. Using a video capture toy, I generated some snap-shot like images, and also had fun putting together some panoramas from the camera pans. A discussion about the geology of dikes that can be seen from the top is included at the end. (I've studied basalt dikes at times in my work as a geology student at Penn State University).

The site:




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