OHE March 8, 1998

Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 19:11:10 -1000
From: Kurt Heilbron (kurt@inix.com>
Subject: No-name ridge

Headed down Likeke today then up an unknown ridge off the trail. I'm so friggen tired right now. I'll write more on it later. Just a few highlights. There was tons of uluhe. Then more uluhe. And more uluhe followed by a near vertical ridge section for about 50-60 feet where at one point I was hanging by one hand and one foot for my dear life. There were NO trails or cables to assist me. There were many times when I almost called 911. I am still in somewhat of a dazed state right now thinking about and flashing back to the scary parts of this ridge. Anyway, when I made to the top I decided to hike across to the saddle just above the Wilson tunnels. Years ago we use to hike up to it from the access road up near the tunnels. Amazingly enough you can still see parts of the trail. After a 45 minute break to re-gain my composure I headed down the trail and ended up on the access road. I walked through the Wilson tunnels back to my car which was parked further down the highway.

I don't recommend this hike to anyone. Well, not unless some trail clearing is done. Why? Because it's not a hike. It's bushwhacking through un-explored territory and up an extremely dangerous ridge. From Likeke, it took me almost two hours just to reach the top and another half hour to the saddle. It takes more time climbing a ridge when you have thoughts like "I'm gonna fall to my death!" running through your head. I would have to say that this was probably the most dangerous hike I have ever done.

A sense of accomplishment? Perhaps so but it's not worth the risk involved. There are far better ways to catch one's thrills than dangling off a cliff.

Followup from: Kurt Heilbron (kurt@inix.com>

I took a quick drive today over H-3 and stopped along the side to find the ridge. There it was looking near impossible from my viewpoint. It is do-able..it just doesn't look like it from the road. As I mentioned earlier, this is a very dangerous hike (if you could call it that). I don't plan on doing this trek anytime in the near future but if any of you want to know where it is I'd be happy to show you. I just don't want to be responsible for any fatalities or injuries. And if I ever do decide to do it again, I am taking some rope with me. There was just NO way I was going to go back down that ridge once I reached the top. I don't think I could have anyway. There are places that once you commit to, there is NO turning back. Oh, did I mention the uluhe you have to fight through?

Anyway, the ridge is close to the wilson tunnel and it actually curves like an ice cream cone near the top. Before that you must cross and climb a dangerous rock section. Once on the ice cream looking section you have to be careful once again because it drops off on both sides and the ridge is extremely narrow. If you look at the area there is only one ridge with this odd feature.

If any of you are planning on doing it....Don't. It's not worth the risk. Pat once told me that it is on unfamiliar turf where he feels at risk. I agree with him 100%. This is exactly how I felt yesterday and I'm still wondering what the hell it was that inspired me to do this nasty hike.

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