OHE March 7, 1998 (b)

Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 22:37:25 -1000
From: ATCnavy (ATCnavy@aol.com>
Subject: Aliamanu Bunker Trek  part III

Set off to decend into the bowels of the earth again tonight with 3 friends of mine. We arrived at the housing area and parked. Next, we gathered our gear, 2 lanterns were the bulk of it, and walked off to the trail. We rounded the corner of the main road, and just as we started up the side road, right past us cruises a cop. Damn! He turned around and parked by the corner. Seeing as we were all wearing black, we couldn't decide wether he was watching us, or looking for speeders. So, our driver went back and got his sprot-ut', picked us up, and we drove off to the burger king down the road. After sitting there for a bit, we headed back, and found no cop. So.....we parked in a visitors stall near the trail and off we went.

With a half moon over head, there was ample light to follow the trail. We gained the top of the ridge and soon hit the fence line. Then, panic struck! Couldn't find the damn hole in the fence. I thought it had been patched up, but on closer inspection, there it was, ans through we went. 5 minutes later found us climbing down the ladder in the air shaft. This was my second time in, but the first for my friends. So I showed them all the sights. As usual, the map room and long corrridor with the bunks on the wall were the highlights. And Killa, your precious copper is still there. :) You still formulating a plan to get it out? Haha. over all, it was a 2 hour, 17 minute hike.


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