OHE March 6, 1998 (b)

Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 07:49:01 -1000
From: peter caldwell (pekelo@lava.net>
Subject: Da good old days

I have another old article from Mid-Pacific mag (1915) entitled Tramps of the Trail and Mountain Club. Here's a couple of interesting lists:


1. To Mt. Tantalus Rest House from end of Manoa car line.
2. To Pacific Heights: return by Cooke Trail to Nuuanu Valley.
3. To Rest House on Pauoa Flats: from end of Emma Street car line.
4. Palolo Crater and return: from near end of Kaimuli car line.
5. To Manoa Cave and return: from Manoa car line.
6. Nuuanu Cave and return: from Liliha Street car line.
7. To the seven falls of Palolo Valley: from near end of Kaimuki car line.
8. Hillebrand Glen Falls (first fall): from end of Nuuanu car line.
9. Olympus, Cooper Trail (return by way of Palolo): from end Manoa car line.
10. Pauoa Valley Trail (return by way of Castle Trail): from Emma Street car line.
11. Makiki Trail (return by Castle Home trail): from Punahou car line.
12. Wailupe Valley: from end of Kaimuki car line.


1. Olympus Trail
2. Lanihuli Peak
3. Konahuanui Peak
4. Wilhelmina Rise trail
5. Moanalua Valley
6. Pearl City Valleys
7. To Kailua, via Palolo Crater
8. Over to Kailua, via mountain beyond Palolo Crater (dangerous).
9. lmb up from Pali to Koahuanui (dangerous)
10. Kalihi ass and return by Pali
11. Manoa Cliffs Trail and return by Cooke Trail
12. To Resthouse at Kaneohe.

(only the most expert mountain climbers, with a guide, should attempt the dangerous passes, and then, with ropes)

I like their definition of "easy" day trips! Are we wimps or what! The article has some other fascinating stuff including overnight camping trips and "once a month canping trips). If people are interested in seeing the whole article, I can send a copy of it to Dayle to post.

Actually one of the best things to see in the Blast from the Past category is to go to the Bishop Museum Archive and Map Room and check out the copy of this old 1910 vintage T & M Club map that shows all these old trails. I've made copies of the most interesting parts which I've sent to Dayle also but it's really worth a trip over there to see the whole thing.


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