OHE March 5, 1998 (b)

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 10:22:20 -1000
From: Pumpkin Smasher (daryn@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Lanipo

what's up everybody! no, i'm not a new member i'm just a dormant one. i used to do all of my hiking with grant and he used to do all of our write ups. but since he moved to las vegas i guess i have to do my own write ups now. oh, and about the name, my favrote group is the smashing pumpkins...

anyway, i decided to do the lanipo hike on tuesday. i didn't have any classes, i didn't have to go to work, and i really wanted to go hiking so i went. i chose the lanipo hike cause it was nearby to where i live and i still had yet to conquer the hike because the last time i was forced to turn back. it was almost the perfect day. it was overcast and not too hot, but it was super humid. i started around 10:30 and i was walking at pretty good pace. the trail was as nice as ever and the views on the way up were awesome. i finally got to see what kaau crater looks like from a distance instead of being right there on the rim. i could also see the cascading waterfall. it looked almost dried up, probably from the lack of rain. about halfway up i met these two nice ladies who were also trying to reach the summit. one was from the mainland and said that they had done the tantalus hike the day before. i wished them luck and moved on. i assume they didn't reach the summit since that was the last time i saw them.

i finally reach the kainawaanui peak at about 12:30 and i decided that the hike wouldn't be complete if i didn't reach the actual laipo peak. i turned right and walked along the kst to lanipo. the trail was pretty overgrown but that's no surprise. i have to say, the traverse between kainawaanui and lanipo was one of the narrowest sections i've ever been on. i live for sections like that, but i'll admit that i was a little scared. i reach lanipo 15 min. later after walking very carefully up to the peak. i sat down for a while to eat and suck in all the nice views of the windward side. olomana was right in front and i could see from waimanalo all the way down to kaaawa. the clouds periodically blocked my view, but i didn't mind.

after i was rested, i headed out. on the way down i happened to look toward hawaiikai and i could see molokai and possibly maui in the background. not sure though. it took me about 1 3/4 hrs for the return trip and about 4 1/2 for the total trip. it was a successful hike... no injuries, no deaths. well, gotta figure out where i'm going next tues.

don't panic


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