OHE March 28, 1998 (b)

Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 14:48:06 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Kauai hiking trip

Pat took copious notes and will undoubtedly post a detailed write-up. In a nutshell, here's what happpened.

Wednesday 3/25: Arrived Lihue at 4 p.m., picked up rental car, drove to west end of Kauai and camped at Polihale State Park. Spent a restful star-filled night at a site along a wide, sandy beach.

Thursday, 3/26: Broke camp at Polihale and spent a couple of hours looking for propane (nada in any store, big or small, west of Lihue). Ended up driving back to Lihue Star Market to find some. Drove to Kokee and hiked a 7-hour, 13-mile loop that included visits to Sugi Grove, Pihea Trail, Alakai swamp trail to Kilohana lookout (I took a flop at one point and ended up waist-deep in Alakai mud), and Kalalau lookout. Cloudy and drizzly most of the day. Tented at Kokee campground--temps at night probably in low 50s.

Friday, 3/27: Departed 8 a.m. on foot from Kokee campground and hiked up Kokee Road 1.8 miles to the head of the Awa'awapuhi trail. Did the 9.5-mile Awa'awapuhi-Nualolo loop, enjoying spectacular views of the Na Pali Coast. Returned to Kokee campground at 2 p.m. and while I stayed back to rest and nap, Pat drove down to the head of the Kukui trail and went down into Waimea Canyon for 4 more hours of hiking (go, Pat, go!). Tented a second night at Kokee.

Saturday, 3/28: Arose at 5 a.m., broke camp, and departed Kokee at 6 a.m. Drove to Lihue where we caught an 8:30 flight back to Honolulu. Drove to the HTMC clubhouse in Waimanalo to attend the 70th birthday suprise party for Mabel Kekina.

Tomorrow it's Bowman trail clearing with the HTMC and Monday it's back to work. :-)


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