OHE March 24, 1998

Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 12:34:46 -1000
From: Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us>
Subject: Laie to Moanalua Valley 5-day Trip

Its been almost 25 years since the Piliwale article was printed (silver anniversary !). Who wants to join me for a Laie to Moanalua 5-day trek in honor of legendary Silver Piliwale ? (the reason the trip begins from Laie is because the Ko'olau Summit Trail (KST) from Pupukea is badly choked with guava trees). I've given this trip much thought and consideration. It breaks down as follows...

== Day 1 Laie to Poamoho ==

Up Laie - 3 hours
Laie to Kawailoa Ridge summit along the KST - 40 minutes
Kawailoa to the Castle junction along the KST - 3 hours
Castle junction to Poamoho along the KST - 3 hours

A long first day, no doubt, but as you start the pilgrimage you're fresh and excited ! If a thick "fog" is present as you hike along the KST between Kawailoa and Poamoho it is possible to get lost. A water source and camp site exist at Poamoho.

Viable bailout options are Laie and Castle/Kamapua'a. Parts of the Kawailoa Ridge Trail are severly overgrown and the trailhead location is very remote therefore the trail cannot be seriously regarded as a means of escape.

== Day 2 Poamoho to Kipapa Ridge ==

Poamoho to Schofield-Waikane (S-W) along the KST - 3 hours
S-W to the summit of Pu'u Ka'aumakua - 45 minutes
Pu'u Ka'aumakua to Kipapa Ridge - 6 hours

Another long day but it starts out with grand views of undeveloped windward valleys and the pyramid named Ohulehule. Eat lunch at the top of Pu'u Ka'aumakua. The section of the KST beyond Ka'aumaku is mostly overgrown therefore it is very easy to lose the trail, get lost, etc. There is a water source (stream) below the Kipapa Ridge summit. Camp near the stream or next to the old dilapidated CCC cabin along the KST a short distance to the north of Kipapa Ridge.

Viable bailout options are Poamoho and S-W. Although only 1.5 miles in length, the Waikane contour trail is too overgrown to be considered an escape route.

== Day 3 Kipapa Ridge to Waimano ==

Kipapa Ridge to Manana - 8 hours
Manana to Waimano - 2 hours

Experience the amphitheater affect of Waiahole and Waihee Valleys. There is no trail beyond the Kipapa Ridge summit until you reach Manana. Camp below the Waimano topping out point. To my knowledge, a water source does not exist close to the summit.

Viable bailout options are Kipapa Ridge and Manana.

== Day 4 Waimano to the Ko'olau summit crest above Haiku Valley ==

Waimano to Waimalu Middle Ridge - 2 hours
Waimalu Middle Ridge to Aiea Ridge - 3 hours
Aiea Ridge to summit crest above Haiku Valley - 2 hours

Cross the awesome Waimalu Middle Ridge summit region enjoying incredible windward views if you're not "fogged" in. A water source exists in a gully below the final stretch of the Aiea Ridge Trail. Camp on the flat area near an abandoned building not far from where the Omega Station cables used to span the valley.

Viable bailout options are Waimano and Aiea Ridge.

== Day 5 Summit crest above Haiku Valley to Moanalua Valley Park ==

Summit crest above Haiku Valley to Halawa Ridge - 45 minutes
Halawa Ridge to Moanalua Valley saddle - 3.5 hours
Moanalua Valley saddle to Moanalua Valley Park - 2 hours

The shortest day of the journey but one of the most dangerous. The section of the Ko'olau summit ridge between Halawa Ridge and the Moanalua Valley saddle is at times steep, knife-like and crumbly. Reward yourself with a refreshing dip in the small pool along Moanalua Stream.

Viable bailout option is Halawa Ridge.

It can be done !!! Let's do it Gene !

Check out Dayle's web page devoted exclusively to the Ko'olau Summit Ridge at


== Patrick

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