OHE March 23, 1998 (c)

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 08:36:42 -1000
From: Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com>
Subject: kuaokala

I went camping Saturday night at Peacock Flats again and it was as beautiful as ever. They cleared the landslide area with a bulldozer and being VERY dry you could make it all the way to the campsite in a small car with good shocks. I have a new (1984) Landcruiser that was begging to be tried out but she remained in 2WD the whole way.

It is VERY DRY all around Oahu as well as Maui and Hawaii. Why hasn't the media reported about Oahu's shortage of rain? Central Oahu reservoirs are almost dry! This includes Wahiawa, Helemano and Opaelua. A few more weeks of no rain and they will be gone. Over 50% dry right now. I'll bet Nuuanu is just as dry too. I hope todays rain will continue for a good long while and make my worries void.

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